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  • MTB Depot Ships

    04. 14. 2008 04:00 PST

Adding a single MTB into game is rather impratical, but adding a ship that carried it's
own compliment into battle then acted as a depot ship for them works much nicer. They
will operate pretty much the same as Torpedo Bombers, only non-flying, much more hit
points, and immune to AAW. MTB's are destroyed the same way all other ships are. The
Depot ships are classed as CL's.

*much of this idea is still in development please wait while I type it all in*

For now I will just put the ships up, later I will add the MTB's

UK - HMS Vulcan (1889) 6600t 20.2 knots
8 - 4.7in
Boats - 6

US - USS Ashland 7930t 15.5 knots
1 - 5in/38
Boats - A lot

IJN - T1 Class 1770t 22 knots
2 - 5in/40DP
Boats - 6

KM - Wittlesbach 12760 t 18 knts
18 - 5.9in (maximum broadside of 9)
Boats - 12
Origionally a pre-dread, it was converted into a depot ship. Appearence was the same as
this, only without the two main turrets, and 6 boats hanging off of each side.

  • Re : MTB Depot Ships

    06. 12. 2009 06:05 PST

re-reading this. these MTBs SHOULD be vulnerable to AAW, but to what degree
would be fair?

AND also They should use the sub torpedos, (high damage, short range)

I reckon this because these MTBs will be killable like subs on the surface and
because they have such a small torpedo layout they need something that hits hard
to counter their vulnerability...

oh and bump....

  • Re : MTB Depot Ships

    06. 06. 2008 19:37 PST

cruiser - meh, they also said submarines and new nations wouldn't happen, if it gets
enough support, i think theres a chance.

dark - thankies

Paladin - I like them as a follow on the APA line. Maybe even as a ship in a full line,
such as support ships, etc. Vets is all on SDE, And yes, it woudl proably require a new
sailor type

  • Re : MTB Depot Ships

    06. 04. 2008 09:04 PST

That seeems cool, but considering yuno's *last* project is the new nations. idk if tis
will get in

  • Re : MTB Depot Ships

    06. 04. 2008 08:59 PST

sounds nice.

  • Re : MTB Depot Ships

    06. 04. 2008 07:21 PST

Interesting idea. It would be a lot of fun. Where were you thinking these things would
branch off the ship tree? Would there be a new sailor type (MTB driver) involved? And what
would the vet loss be like?

  • Re : MTB Depot Ships

    06. 04. 2008 07:15 PST

Boy got it pretty much correct. They woudl have an interface much like that of an
Aircraft carriers. The MTB would be controlled like aircraft. The Depot ship would
launch them as a CV launches planes, proably 2 or 3 at a time, then they are just like TB
except launch 2 - 4 torps at a time, and have a pull away after launch instead of just
going straight. They would be classed as a CA or CL, proably CLs

  • Re : MTB Carriers

    04. 14. 2008 04:22 PST

i imagine it would look like the APA in HA, launching landing forces onto the beaches.

only they would be Motor Torpedo Boats. and you'd be able to use them like aircraft.

for this to work, there would be a limited amount of MTBs on these carrier ships, and
they would have to be very very low in DP because id envision that these craft were
really fast and manouverable. with 2-4 torpedos to play with each.

so a near miss from a 16" shell would smash those boats to bits as most of them
were made of flimsy materials like wood.

still not too bad of an idea. dont see it happening anytime soon though.

-boydy out

  • Re : MTB Carriers

    04. 14. 2008 04:12 PST

a carrier for somekind of torpedo boats I guess, but the idea is nice

  • Re : MTB Carriers

    04. 14. 2008 04:04 PST

What are these ships actually?
some types of CV?