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  • Traits of the Best CV Driver

    05. 09. 2011 11:38 PST

On what qualifications do you think the best cv driver has to have?

1) Does he/she have to have a good attitude?
2) Exceptionally good CV driver with all nation cvs?
3) Better than all other CV drivers in the game but just with one nation?
4) Best Harbor Assault CV that everyone wants on his or her team?
5) Able to be in the Harbor Tile during the Harbor Assault and effectively micromanage
your planes to scout, while up against 3 lvl 120 cvs, while your team only has 2 cvs?
6) Able to give FC and scouting at the same time in every game?
7) Able to play without zooming out?
8) Always able to scout with lower tier fighters or bombers against higher tier fighters
or bombers?
9) Able to scout exceptionally well while forum trolling?
10) Never plays with any armor?
11) Always plays with some kind of armor setup?
12) Able to dodge torpedoes the best?
13) Exceptionally good CV with at level pilots/seamen on ships?
14) Able to play without using the # hotkeys for planes?
15 In the Navyfield Hall of Fame?
16) An exceptionally good teamplayer all the time, in every game mode?
17) Able to drag your planes off the map completely?
18) Able to boarder hump planes?
19 Able to diver bomber whore exceptionally well and effectively and scout?
20) Able to torp bomber whore exceptionally well and effectively and scout?
21) Able to fighter whore exceptionally well and effectively and scout?
22) Best Fleet League CV where everyone wants him/her on their team?
23) Able to play with no sound at all?
24) Able to play while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and scout effectively?
25) Has the best winning percentage as a CV driver?
26) Able to play CV for atleast 12+ hours on a daily basis?
27) Able to scout exceptionally well with only 3-4 fighter pilots?
28) Able to play effectively without using the grouping box by allowing you to select all
the planes in the area?
29) Is the best in cv only rooms game in and game out?
30) Is able to take out bbs with the guns on a cv, not planes?
31) Able to use smoke effectively?
32) Able to use 3-4 bombers only and scout effectively?
33) Able to Manuel torp bomb effectively?
34) Able to Manuel dive bomb effectively?
35) Is able to use scout planes only, non tier 5's, and scout effectively?
36) Able to play effectively without zooming out?
37) able to use hedgehogs effectively?
38) Able to TK teammates without them realizing it?
39) Able to fighter camp enemy cv(s) game in and game out effectively?
40) Able to camp enemy cv(s) with only bombers game in and game out effectively?
41) Able to camp enemy cv(s) with only scouts, non tier 5's, game in and game out effectively?
42) Able to use mines very effectively with scouts in any game mode?
43) Able to use Skytrains effectively in Harbor Assaults?
44) Have all nations tier 6 cvs?
45) Other (you decide and explain)

It can be a combination of any of these, you decide.

Again this is not for people to show their e-penis's but if you want to you can. I really
don't care.

  • Re : Traits of the Best CV Driver

    05. 10. 2011 18:11 PST


  • Re : Traits of the Best CV Driver

    05. 10. 2011 15:28 PST

I concur that situational awareness is the most important trait. My own thoughts on
how to be a better CV:

*Don뭪 camp at the start location. When the game starts, move out either north or
south. Several times a lower level CV was selected as flag, and was bombed and
sunk within the first minutes of the game because the other side knew exactly
where to look for them.

*If you do move at the start, don뭪 run to the back of the map. Two things happen
when you run to the back of the map. First, it takes forever for your planes to transit
to the front, let alone transit to bomb or torp enemy ships. Second, if you do get
ambushed by a sub / DD / planes that slipped through, there뭩 no one else around
to provide you support and pull your bacon out of the fire.

*Don뭪 load only fighters or bombers. I see lots of FW CV out there, but I don뭪
believe they are as effective as they can be. I saw several occasions when just one
more sortie of bombers would have sunk that BB5 ?and won the game ?but the CV
only had fighters. All you can hope then is to run out of fuel and crash on the target.
The BW CV are just as bad, as sometimes you really do need fighters to scout. Load
up a balanced CV.

*Don뭪 launch your planes, direct them to a point, and then ignore them. I was
playing my SS, so I seemed to have lots of time to observe others play. Many times
a CV would send out planes and they would transit to a location with nothing going
on, then return. What was the point? If you play CV you need to be able to
multitask, including directing your planes to where they will do the most good.

*Don뭪 go AFK during the battle. This one really pisses me off. Too many times I
would see a CV not move at all after the start, not launch planes, not move or take
any action. Finally the battle line would encroach and it would come under fire. Too
late it would spring into action ?just in time to be sunk. Likewise, I would see CV
that start off the game with an active player, then just seemingly see him go vacant.
The player wasn뭪 de-synced or frozen, as once they came under fire they would
take affirmative action. If you뭨e going to join a battle, especially as a CV, be there
for the whole battle and actively participate.

*Watch the mini-map. Too often CV are launching planes and participating, but they
are not watching the mini-map. Those red dots? They are enemy ships. When they
are moving toward your location, you should move the other way. Too often I see
active CV sailing in front of their own retreating BB, and only changing direction once
they start getting shelled. Watch the mini-map for danger and chart your course

*Always be moving. A stationary CV is a fatter target, either for bombers/torps, or
SS. Don뭪 sit in one place, but rather keep moving. Yes, you뭠l have to pay attention
to the edge, but that just forces you to pay more attention overall.

*Follow the line. If the battle line is advancing, advance with it. In one particular
battle, we outnumbered the enemy 5BB to 2BB, and we were closing in on them to
the east. Two of our three CV were way at the western edge of the map. Our BB
were getting bombed without remorse and were unable to scout. By the time our CV
launched planes it took forever to make it to the east edge, and many times they
returned for lack of fuel without ever scouting or engaging. Our BB ended up being
routed, and our CV were left to fend for themselves. FAIL!

*If you can뭪 see the enemy, push your fighters out over the line to scout. Dog
fighting with enemy fighters over your own line is useless if you can뭪 see their ships.
Push the fighters out and fight over their lines.

*Your side has a critically wounded BB4/5 that can repair, but will sink if bombed?
Send up some fighters and protect it until it뭩 more repaired. Again, I saw several
times when the ship wasn뭪 going to be shelled and could have repaired but for that
last sortie of bombers. You can뭪 say you didn뭪 know ?I was team chatting to put
fighters over the BB ?but you launched fighters and sped right past him. Scratch
that BB from our side.

*If your bombers are the only thing scouting that target you just bombed, then
leave your bombers there and don뭪 let them return home.

  • Re : Traits of the Best CV Driver

    05. 10. 2011 15:03 PST

"Any CV who doesn't support the BEST BB player on their team and bombs instead should have
their CV crew dismissed."

>implying that the worthless bbs on kaiser are worth supporting

  • Re : Traits of the Best CV Driver

    05. 10. 2011 11:08 PST

Maybe we can have a "Traits of the Best Forum Poster" thread next........

  • Re : Traits of the Best CV Driver

    05. 10. 2011 06:54 PST

For me, i think that CV are made to support capital ship such as BB "daa"
and yes there are some atcker CV but they still tight to support thier team capital ship,
but lots of the CV driver nowdays are selfish, ignore thier BB and heads out finding some
good big yummy ship to DB or TB leaving the team blind or enemy fighter wonder around in
their own team..

  • Re : Traits of the Best CV Driver

    05. 10. 2011 05:43 PST

Uses a USN CV.
Has only Fighters.

<Insert Pinkie Pie image>

  • Re : Traits of the Best CV Driver

    05. 10. 2011 04:14 PST

Any CV who doesn't support the BEST BB player on their team and bombs instead should have
their CV crew dismissed.

If you see someone who can play a BB in GB, support them and you will win. Easy.

  • Re : Traits of the Best CV Driver

    05. 10. 2011 00:39 PST

Ones that tell raging BBs to stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

  • Re : Traits of the Best CV Driver

    05. 09. 2011 21:29 PST

The 120 scouts pwn. I have 2 level 120 rookie pilots aboard my CV.

It's funny how many players on the enemy team have shouted about a KM dragger. Mistaking
my Ticonderoga's P-51H's as KM T4's due to the color.

  • Re : Traits of the Best CV Driver

    05. 09. 2011 21:29 PST

I may not be the best CV driver in the Game however lately i take pride in Being a
mainly FW and scouting then blinding the enemy team also...

I Bomb at times but im a long way from being a effective a good Dive Bomber CV since
my manual DB skills are low at this time...

Anyone who as seen me out in battle in the last week?
What do i need to improve in and how can i make it happen...
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