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  • Wait... It's not dead? 0.o

    06. 03. 2011 20:00 PST

Navyfield II, dead or alive, that is the question.
I was googling around in korean and came across something interesting from korean
navyfield forums. It was posted in the May 31st of 2011. What do you know... SDE is
looking for programmers.
Original forum post:
But its not navyfield 1 but navyfield 2 programmers.
So i got the tip and dig further and found the website of the main source:
Dated May 26 (no year posted), but you can find when the CBT for NF2 is expected :)
For those who don't trust the registered date for the ad:
Same information over navyfield but different job position and more recent.
(use google translate to see it yourselves. If google translate fails... i'll translate)

TL:DR - NF2 is alive

  • Re : Wait... It's not dead? 0.o

    06. 06. 2011 17:56 PST

@ JediKendor: Sources please or it didnt happen.

  • Re : Wait... It's not dead? 0.o

    06. 06. 2011 16:24 PST

$500 lol this game died a longtime ago, most of the regular players have moved on
to better games and SDE are just squeezing out the last bit of life the game
has....To be honest SDE gave up on this game a while ago to move onto better
money making things leaving behind someone who can make the odd fix every 8
months or so to shut up the ones that moan

  • Re : Wait... It's not dead? 0.o

    06. 06. 2011 14:09 PST

please explain,
I intend to spend about $ 500.00 in the next 6 months this game,
not like reading about this game is dead..., and apparently people saying the

  • Re : Wait... It's not dead? 0.o

    06. 06. 2011 11:26 PST

I've heard several rumors that NF3D collapsed due to the fact that it was only going
to be in korea. Apparentlly while its the typical stuff the company does, they didnt
think a single reason would be enough to support the hiring of the necessary
programmers needed. nice huh?

  • Re : Wait... It's not dead? 0.o

    06. 04. 2011 19:07 PST

The second plist that you says has no year: Date: 2006-12-04 15:53

The third one was released sometime around when the new game engine for our current NF was
announced I do believe. Someone else can check maybe I'm too lazy.

  • Re : Wait... It's not dead? 0.o

    06. 04. 2011 15:23 PST

No, it's just that we would whine like banshees on their periods if our PBBs became
"rentals". NFEU has their PBBs on a rental system too.

  • Re : Wait... It's not dead? 0.o

    06. 04. 2011 09:10 PST

Did you read the full post?
right beneath:
"For those who don't trust the registered date for the ad:"
it's dated 2011-2-16. I know it is asking for different position but it is still
registered this year. =.=

Heh. I know the difference between NF3D and NF2. I wouldn't call NF3D though and i would
instead call it high definition pack like half life 1. In addition, i bet if NF3D ever
comes out, it is going to utilize the NF2 engine. Why make another engine if u got one
made already recently?

was gonna pm u the websites IF YOU WERE ON XFIRE :P
wait... i thought u were gonna be gone from nf >.>?
P.S I'm not dead... I'm just stalking u in nf >:P

shish you do whine alot.... Guess what? NFKR got T4 fighter update last week (1st week of
June). Oh did I mention premium ships in korean server are like rentals? 300 use for molke
for 10 bucks. Btw MN reymaund(emden for KM) is also a rental. I wouldn't call SDE $$ wh@@e
since they are already giving us benefits here in the US server.

  • Re : Wait... It's not dead? 0.o

    06. 03. 2011 23:36 PST

jimm is not dead? Outrageous!

  • Re : Wait... It's not dead? 0.o

    06. 03. 2011 23:00 PST

sparximus, i completly and utterly disagree with you.

You probably also believe that gas prices are regulated by "supply & demand".

The solution you present is actually the root of the problem; continued revenue
despite a sub par product and service.

To illustrate the principle; You have an arrangement with your kid that you will give
him a set allowance per month and he agrees to upkeep his room. Now if after three
months all he/she did was rearange one drawr and then another six months down
the road he made his bed, should you keep giving him an allowance per your
agreement? Or even, as you suggested, should you throw more money at him in
the "hope" or "leap of faith" that he will change?

Your already giving him a great deal; money for nothing, why would he want that to

SDE is making money. Hundreds of premium accounts per month, NF store, Events
which lead to more premium subscriptions and more nf store item sales. What is the
cost to SDE for restocking the NF store? Volenteer TNF? How much do the players
who work with the test server make a week?

Sometime the best way to get change is keeping the money in your pocket.

  • Re : Wait... It's not dead? 0.o

    06. 03. 2011 21:10 PST

nf3d will only be released in korea, they have to keep us chumps in the dark over here to
squeeze more money for BVE etc


they cant find a dedicated staff to write the programming language for the rest of the
game(meaning KM gets screwed again, while UK gets buffed some more) and the idea that this
current version of NF is nothing more than a mutated college project for fresh out of
college programmers that makes significantly less $$$ than some other games out there isnt
too appealing as a stable income.

you guys want NF3D to come stateside sooner?

spend more $$$$=$$$=decent programmers with talent=faster release of a more polished product.

the amount of $$$ necessary would need to be 2 times larger than that huge influx of
players we had back in 06-07 from

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