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  • UK Shipnames + Pennants

    07. 23. 2006 21:59 PST

Hi all,
ok. Here is my weak attempt at supplying you guys with some historical ship
names and pennant numbers for those who would like to keep it, (sort of) historical.
I would appreciate any input and discussion as i couldnt find all of the pennants and
probably ship names.

Feel free to recomend my post if you think it worthy. :P

--=Ark Royal Class=--
HMS Audacious (D29), HMS Ark Royal (91).

--=Bogue Class CV (RN Lend-Lease)=--
-=Attacker sub class=-
HMS Attacker(D02), HMS Striker (D12), HMS Battler (D18), HMS Chaser (D32),HMS
Fencer (D64), HMS Pursuer (D73), HMS Hunter (D80), HMS Stalker (D91).
-=Ameer/Ruler sub class=-
HMS Ameer (D01),HMS Ranee (D03), HMS Patroller (D07) HMS Trumpeter (D09), HMS
Rajah (D10), HMS Queen (D19), HMS Shah (D21), HMS Premier (D23) HMS Slinger
(D26), HMS Arbiter (D31)HMS Begum (D38), HMS Empress (D42), HMS Thane (D48),
HMS Atheling (D51), HMS Smiter (D55), HMS Ruler (D72), HMS Nabob (D77), HMS
Puncher (D79), HMS Reaper (D82), HMS Trouncer (D85), HMS Speaker (D90), HMS
Emperor (D98).

--=Colossus Class CV=--
HMS Colossus (R15), HMS Triumph (R16), HMS Warrior (R31), HMS Perseus (R51),
HMS Glory (R62), HMS Venerable (R63), HMS Theseus (R64), HMS Ocean (R68), HMS
Vengeance (R71), HMS Pioneer (R76).
-=Majestic sub class=-
HMS Hercules (R49), HMS Majestic (R77), HMS Terrible (R93), HMS Powerful (R95),
HMS Leviathan (R97), HMCS Magnificent (CVL21).

--=Glorious Class CV (Our Courageous Class CV)=--
HMS Glorious (77), HMS Courageous (50), HMS Furious (47).
***This Class is Basically a Courageous Class PCA but with flight deck***

--=Illustrious Class CV=--
HMS Victorious (R38), HMS Formidable (R67), HMS Illustrious (R87), HMS Implacable
(R86), HMS Indefatigable (R10).

--=Gibraltar Class CV (our Malta)=--
HMS Gibraltar (D68), HMS Malta (D93), HMS New Zealand (D96).

--=Admiral Class BC=--
HMS Hood (51).

--=Renown Class BC=--
HMS Renown (72), HMS Repulse (34).

--=KGV Class BB=--
HMS King George V (I41), HMS Prince of Wales (I53), HMS Duke of York (I17), HMS
Anson (I72), HMS Howe (I32).

--=Lion Class BB=--
HMS Lion (I27), HMS Temeraire (I36), HMS Conqueror (I45), HMS Thunderer (I49).

--=Nelson Class BB=--
HMS Nelson (28), HMS Rodney (I29).

--=Queen Elizabeth Class BB=--
HMS Barham (I04), HMS Malaya (I05), HMS Queen Elizabeth (I00), HMS Valiant (I01),
HMS Warspite (I03).

--=Revenge Class BB=--
HMS Royal Sovereign (05), HMS Revenge (06), HMS Ramillies (07), HMS Royal Oak
(08), HMS Resolution (09).

--=Vanguard Class BB=--
HMS Vanguard (I23).

--=County Class CA=--
-=Kent Sub Class=-
HMS Dorsetshire (C40), HMS Suffolk (C55), HMS Cornwall (C56), HMS Cumberland
(C57), HMS Berwick (C65), HMS Kent (C68), HMS Norfolk (C78).
HMAS Australia (D84), HMAS Canberra (D33).
-=London Sub Class=-
HMS Devonshire (C39), HMS London (C69), HMS/HMAS Shropshire (C83), HMS
Sussex (C96).
-=Norfolk Sub Class=-
HMS Norfolk (C78), HMS Dorsetshire (C40).

--=Courageous Class CA (Our Furious Class Prem CA)=--
HMS Glorious (77), HMS Courageous (50), HMS Furious (47).

--=Town Class CA (1936) (Our Edinburgh Class CA)=--
-=Southampton Sub Class=-
HMS Birmingham (C19), HMS Glasgow (C21), HMS Newcastle (C76), HMS Sheffield
(C24), HMS Southampton (C83).
-=Gloucester Sub Class=-
HMS Gloucester (C62), HMS Liverpool (C11), HMS Manchester (C15).
-=Edinburgh Sub Class=-
HMS Belfast (C35), HMS Edinburgh (C16).

--=York Class CA (County Sub Class)=--
HMS York (C90), HMS Exeter (C68).

--=Dido Class CL (Our Sirius)=--
HMS Argonaut (61), HMS Bonaventure (31), HMS Charybydis (88), HMS Cleopatra
(33), HMS Dido (37), HMS Euryalus (42), HMS Hermione (74), HMS Naiad (93), HMS
Phoebe (43), HMS Scylla (98), HMS Sirius (82).
-=Bellona Sub Class (Our Dido)=-
HMS Bellona (63), HMS Black Prince (81), HMS Diadem (84), HMS Royalist (89), HMS
Spartan (95).

--=Emerald Class CL=--
HMS Emerald (D66), HMS Enterprise (D52).

--=Tiger Class CL (Premium)=--
HMS Blake (C99), HMS Lion (C34), HMS Tiger (C24).

--=Tribal Class DD=--
HMS Afridi (F07), HMS Ashanti (F51), HMS Bedouin (F67), HMS Cossack (F03), HMS
Eskimo (F75), HMS Gurkha (F20), HMS Maori (F24), HMS Mashona (F59), HMS
Matabele (F26), HMS Mohawk (F31), HMS Nubian (F36), HMS Punjabi (F21), HMS Sikh
(F82), HMS Somali (F33), HMS Tartar (F43), HMS Zulu (F18), HMAS Arunta (I30), HMAS
Bataan (I91), HMAS Warramunga (I44), HMCS Athabaskan (G07), HMCS Haida (G63),
HMCS Huron (G24), HMS Athabaskan II (R79), HMCS Cayuga (R04) HMCS Micmac
(R10), HMCS Nookta (R96).

--=L+M Class DD=--
HMS Larne (F63), HMS Laforey (F99), HMS Lance (F87), HMS Legion (F74), HMS
Lightning (F55), HMS Lively (F40), HMS Lookout (F32), HMS Loyal (F15), HMS
Mahratta (G14), HMS Marne (G35), HMS Martin (G44), HMS Matchless (G52), HMS
Meteor (G73), HMS Milne (G14), HMS Musketeer (G86), HMS Myrmidon (G90).

--=O+P Class DD=--
HMS Obdurate (G39), HMS Obedient (G48), HMS Offa (G29), HMS Onslaught (G04),
HMS Onslow (G17), HMS Opportune (G80), HMS Oribi (G66), HMS Orwell (G98), HMS
Pakenham (G06), HMS Paladin (G69), HMS Panther (G41), HMS Partridge (G30), HMS
Pathfinder (G10), HMS Penn (G77), HMS Petard (G56), HMS Porcupine (G93).

--=Q+R Class DD=--
HMS Quadrant (G11), HMS Quail (G45), HMS Quality (G62), HMS Queenborough
(G70), HMS uentin (G78), HMAS Quiberon (G81), HMAS Quickmatch (G92), HMS
Quilliam (G09), HMS Racehorse (H11), HMS Raider (H15), HMS Rapid (H32), HMS
Redoubt (H32), HMS Relentless (H85), HMS Rocket (H92), HMS Roebuck (H95), HMS
Rotherham (H09).

  • Re : UK Shipnames + Pennants

    01. 24. 2008 19:15 PST

i am the necromancer! the reviver of dead threads!


  • Re : UK Shipnames + Pennants

    02. 17. 2007 22:41 PST

yeah, only cus im looking for something to do out of pure boredom. and i have no
real fresh ideas to research or invent....
but hey what can you do?

  • Re : UK Shipnames + Pennants

    02. 15. 2007 16:04 PST

wow total thread ressurection.

  • Re : UK Shipnames + Pennants

    02. 15. 2007 02:58 PST


does anyone want me to write up a full RN ship name and pennant list for reference?
it will be along the same lines as this post, but it will contain the full ship name,
class, and pennants of all ships that saw active duty during WW2.
if so let me know your interested..

boydyma out.

  • Re : UK Shipnames + Pennants

    10. 24. 2006 19:06 PST

bumpage for old times sake. :P

  • Re : UK Shipnames + Pennants

    09. 21. 2006 11:12 PST

1: Why were the QE class BBs the ones they "modernized" between the two World
Wars when the REVENGE class BBs were the newer ones at that time?

The correct answer for this is.

The Queen Elizabeth class were revolutionary at the time of their construction by
having an entirely Oil-Fired boiler arrangement. This led to a 24 knot top speed in
the QE's. Unsure of their future supplies of petrol however, the Admiralty authorized
the "R" class to have a dual Oil/Coal boiler set-up and therefore decreased the
cruising speed and range of the R's. Inter-war refit's saw the removal of the coal
boilers in the R's and a movement to All Oil for these ships as well. However no
speed advantages were gained due to the fact that these ships had increased anti
aircraft armament and massive torpedo blisters installed at the time of the refit. The
R class couldn't break 21 knots and realistically had a top speed of 19.5 knots which
made them obsolete by WW2 standards and relegated them to convoy duty and
shore bombardment.

  • Re : UK Shipnames + Pennants

    09. 19. 2006 08:41 PST


  • Re : UK Shipnames + Pennants

    09. 18. 2006 21:05 PST

Beattie and Jellicoe heh? damn good thing they werent bulit cus they'd spend more
time sniping at each other than at the enemy... :P

  • Re : UK Shipnames + Pennants

    09. 16. 2006 05:42 PST

Um, no, Shinra, Renown Repulse Resistance were part of their own class.

  • Re : UK Shipnames + Pennants

    09. 16. 2006 03:13 PST

Please provide more info regarding these "never been built" BBs/BCs... they sound very
interesting... especialy the "incomparable"...
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