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  • Lag Update #4

    02. 22. 2012 00:17 PST

Hey guys,

This lag situation is driving us nuts. I just want to get that out of the way first.

Ever since your first reports began to come in, we have tried contacting our IDC provider for assistance in fixing this.  Since the reports have been so sporadic (different times of day, different locations), it has been difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. We have also been in contact with our firewall company after receiving data suggesting that an issue may be at that point.

Both companies are now (finally) acknowledging a problem and are complying to fix this. The first step will be to fix our server machine and port with both the IDC and firewall provider.
Our team has notified me that a complete schedule for the fix will be known by tomorrow morning. You will be updated if the schedule will interrupt game play in any way (not that the lag hasn't already done this).

Once this issue has been fully resolved we will consider possible compensation methods.

For the moment, we just want to let you know that we are taking your reports seriously and are making progress on this.

On behalf of the team, I am deeply sorry for any unstable conditions experienced these past few weeks. We are thankful for those of you bearing with us and helping us through this.


***UPDATE 1***
The schedule has been set. Our team will carry out the work during tonight's regularly scheduled maintenance.

Details of work:
1. server switch port change.
2. Firewall interface change
3. Firewall reboot.

It may be too early to guarantee that this will fix everything completely, but we are optimistic about it helping to improve the conditions. I guess we'll know for certain after tonight.

If issues continue we will take further measures on Friday (I'll provide another update).

***UPDATE 2***
Latest post patch details:

Our IDC and firewall provider worked together as previously scheduled to fix this issue. Results are showing progress, but there is still room for improvement.

Our team is continuing to monitor the reports received on this and have already sent a report to have the server machine completely swapped.

I will provide an update once this happens.

***UPDATE 3***
The server hardware swap is scheduled to take place as soon as possible. This means, it could happen as early as today or as late as 1 or 2 days. This lag situation is our highest priority and the requests for work to fix the issue are being sent as urgent. It will be up to our IDC to follow through.

Our team is also working on the firewall to test several conditions. If conditions do not improve after these actions we will take more drastic measures.

We are all in the same position as you guys; we understand your frustration and hope to fix this as soon as possible. Navy Field is not just a game, but our livelihood. We are doing our best to fix this and are appreciative of your support and understanding during this difficult time. Updates will be provided as soon as available.

***UPDATE 4***
Alright, we have our final schedule set. There is some good news and bad news.

The good news: server hardware change is a GO. Our IDC has tested the software and everything is set. The upgrade should begin at 10PM PST.

The bad news: our IDC predicts the upgrade may take up to 4 hours. We will work to complete the process in as short a time as possible, but for the time being please expect the servers to be down at least from 10PM PST - 1AM.

Thank you for your understanding,



  • Re : Lag Update

    02. 22. 2012 00:36 PST

Thanks for the update Randy I believe I speak for everyone when I say we can't wait for the Lag to go :d


  • Re : Lag Update

    02. 22. 2012 00:46 PST

Thank you randy for this update! Do you guys still need more reports in or not?

  • Re : Lag Update

    02. 22. 2012 01:27 PST

I take it I can return the extra RAM I bought then? Only kidding glad the ball is rolling.

  • Re : Lag Update

    02. 22. 2012 02:21 PST

If it's taken those other two companies THIS long to start listening, maybe SDE should consider alternate providers, because this is pretty poor service from the current ones.

Randy, you are awesome. Thankyou for sticking with this and pinning it down AND getting a result. SDE on the whole could learn a lot from you dude.

  • Re : Lag Update

    02. 22. 2012 02:56 PST

Well done Randy, With you in this community things are lighting up!


compensation methods: Month prem subscription perhaps ? would be great maybe it will give us a better server population for this month.

  • Re : Lag Update

    02. 22. 2012 03:52 PST

hmm excellent im glad to see someone is smacking some sense into the rest of the GM's good to see. I also agree that if it took both of the companies that provide services to you this poorly perhaps switching to better ones would help out in the long run.

Good to see this will be fixed soon, good job to you randy keep up the good work you are doing the community proud!

  • Re : Lag Update

    02. 22. 2012 04:17 PST

Firstly, for their commitment and their response to community Randy/Mk2 NC

Second, it interessente the idea of a new partner for the hosting server. So we could think of the possible union of Nebraska and KAISER. The monitoring server in the amount of players, should be taken into account, which is a World server. Some few hours sleep. and others play.

Third, the server could not be being attacked by Hacker?


  • Re : Lag Update

    02. 22. 2012 05:17 PST

Most of the lag happens when there are too many planes, torps and aa. It's like when you have all of those combined that's when you have the lag set in.

  • Re : Lag Update

    02. 22. 2012 05:37 PST

Gracias tambien Randy por tratar de resolver nuestros problemas con este lag les comunicare a mis amigos de habla hispana acerca de lo que estan haciendo por resolver este problema .

  • Re : Lag Update

    02. 22. 2012 05:54 PST

Thanks for the update - I have copied to Team NF News pages to ensure a consistent response.

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