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  • USS Indianapolis found!

    08. 19. 2017 11:15 PST


Both Paul Allen, and the US Navy have announced today that the USS Indianapolis, CA-35 has been located. The Indianapolis is famous for delivering parts for the Atomic Bomb Little Boy to Tinian Island, and was suck by the Submaring I-58 on July 30, 1945 with 1,196 men onboard, however only 300 are thought to have gone down with the ship, Hundreds more died in the water from dehydration, injury, and shark attack. There were only 317 survivors from the nearly 900 that went into the water after she went down.

Some of the best pictures can be found on the US Navy twitter feed.


  • Re : USS Indianapolis found!

    09. 29. 2017 19:08 PST


Thanks for sharing Will107. My grandfather's brother was in engineering and died that day on the Indianapolis. They don't think he made it off the ship. Left behind a wife and child. Was hard to watch the movie and see his picture with his wife and daughter at the end. He was the first in my family tree that I am aware of in the U.S. Navy, followed by my uncle, me and my wife. Hopefully there will be many more to follow. HOORAH!

  • Re : USS Indianapolis found!

    10. 15. 2017 17:24 PST


Yup... The US Navy Dept also brought over the captain of the sub that sunk that Cruiser to testify in against him..  

Which the captain of the Indianapolis was being court martialed for not Zig Zagging in a known sector which had IJN Subs patroling...  The captain of the Japanese sub flat out said under oath that it whouldn't have matter if it was zig zagging or steaming full ahead in a line, it would have been (was) the easiest kill he'd ever made as a sub captain whatever the Heavy Crusier was doing that night...

It was the fault of the US Navy for not giving a Heavy Cruiser an escort with hydrophones through waters which was known to have IJN Subs patroling in them...  But the Navy had to blame someone...