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    07. 01. 2018 02:35 PST

There are two versions you may choose to download from :   (Download from 2nd link if 1st is overload)

1) High compression version, small file size but high hardware requirement, it is only recommend for those with Win 7+ with fast computer. (Win 7, 8, 10) (Main Link) (Backup Link)

2) The Second version is Green version without installer, suitable for players with lower hardware configuration and Win XP users. Check the "how to start game.txt" for more instruction.   (But green version do not install necessary Windows component for you, including Visual C++ and Direct X for you automatically, which may cause problem)  Main Link  Backup Link

a)  Run the program as Administrator!
b)  If cannot start then please run the dotnetfx.exe
c)  If FleetMission.exe or other related files are missing or game cannot start, please check if your Anti Virus/Firewall blocked it. Add all the exe files in Fleet Mission folder(C:/Program files (x86)/Fleet Mission) to the White list of your Anti Virus/Firewall and exit other 3rd party programs.
d) Your computer must connected to headphone or speaker, if your computer doesn't have audio output device, your game may crash when entering game.
e)  The gameguard program may affect the use of Internet Browsers(Chrome, IE). We are seeking for solutions with the related company.   
f) Game does not support Virtual Machine, so if you are using MAC, you need to install Windows on it to run the game
g) If there are other problems, please go to official site and contact Customer Support. Game detects your Windows language for different language setting. If game language detection has problem, please download this and replace files in NavyField Fleet Mission Folder, you game should switch to English with no problem

Manual Patch Download Link: (Download the file and replace the files in Fleet Mission folder)

Thank you,
NavyField Management Team