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  • Mods?

    08. 23. 2018 10:59 PST


I'd like to know where the administrators are. We're tired of waiting for a response. To see who does more damage in a battle have time, but to answer tickets, never have time. This game is dead thanks to you who do not care about users. They do events every day so they can cover their own shit. I sent a ticket 1 month ago to get my account back, and I'm still waiting for an answer. When the Chinese get tired of this useless staff, Who are they going to sell the game to? They give a lot of shame.


  • Re : Mods?

    08. 25. 2018 08:36 PST


my support tick will be open for 2 months tommorw, dont hold your breath on getting a reply,it seems the support for this game is long gone, i still check every day tho i probly should just resighn to the fact the is no support no more :(