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  • Wechat

    05. 20. 2019 13:58 PST


so not sure if there is an english option for the wechat app, but if there isnt, there is some reward thing going on,

after you sign up, and scan the QR code, goto the person icon on the bottom right, and from there, there are two places to click. first, click the brown checkmark, and then press the blue buttom in the middle of the screen.

then go back, and the last icon should be a dark blue icon with a planet, click that and press the big circle button. 

one of these will grant you 2 X sailors (ithink) if you sign in consecutivly for x many days. (forgot how many) they also grant kpscore. 

not sure how helpful this is but thought i should post. ^^


  • Re : Wechat

    05. 21. 2019 01:29 PST


That would be 365 days. Would you do it ? You can't miss even a day. It's a pain but it is what it is. It's not wechat though, it's kupaisky website. But again who cares unless really desperate for NF X sailors. 2 years to get 4 NF X  sailors and who knows if NF still survive that long.