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  • return to the game

    08. 17. 2019 20:57 PST


after while of not playing i have decided to return to the game but my account is stucked in sleeping mode, 

i have managed to reset all my passwords and infromation except my olive security password im unsure how to edit this, i could do with some help on how to fix that and unlock my account from this sleeping mode.

Many Thanks


  • Re : return to the game

    08. 19. 2019 16:15 PST


Welcome back

Log in  >> my account >> manage trade password(or manage olive password or however it's named)
Only takes your normal pw to reset.
About sleep mode (that's deactivating your acc to preserve you prem if I recall correctly)no longer exists afaik, so there's no button to Luft it either I'd say .. send in a ticket and hope one of the nfna gm's spots it and recalls how/where to edit that on your acc.

  • Re : return to the game

    08. 21. 2019 22:13 PST



Thanks got my account unlocked but sadly they said that there isnt any infomation avaialble to repair my account so its either start again or nothing never in my history of games have i heard this infomation has anyone else ever had any luck retriving their account?

Many thanks


  • Re : return to the game

    09. 06. 2019 23:37 PST


¿como desbloqueaste? mi antigua cuenta esta bloqueada y no me dejan desbloquearla.