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  • NavyField Aviation Festival - update with enquiry page

    08. 26. 2019 04:19 PST

Enquiry page to check the gold key you gain during the event period

Dear Community,

We are holding NavyField Aviation Festival event from 26 August to 11 September. During this period you can be rewarded by achieving some goals related to aviation!


1. Between 26 August 0:00 to 11 September 6:00am server time, when players use Carrier(CV), Heavy cruiser (CA), Light cruiser (CL) in Great Battle 1 or Blitzkrieg and get over 5000 credits in credits+bonus credit(right upper corner in battle screen, pointed out by orange arrow below), reach this requirement 10 times

2. Between 26 August 0:00 to 11 September 6:00am server time, charge over 300 KPcoin

3. During event period use Carrier in battle for 10 times, each battle must be over 5 minutes with 5000+ attack


Requirement 1,2,3 can be accomplished individually and repeatedly, the more times you complete, more reward you can get!

Each time you complete a requirement you will be rewarded with a GOLD key in supply box system!


For more supply box info please check the link below

The above requirements can be completed multiple times, each time you finish you can get the reward once.


Reward will be delivered during 18 September server maintenance.

NavyField Fleet Mission Management Team