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  • Is this game worth coming back?

    09. 01. 2019 00:58 PST


I submitted a ticket to try to recover my old account so i can sink sum ships but it's been 4 days already and no answer of any type, not even a "Hello, we are trying".

SO, is the game as crappy as the support? rooms empty?, full of crashes?, too laggy?, players being retarded? hackers abundant?.

Spew it all out boys, wanna know before even diping my toes here...


  • Re : Is this game worth coming back?

    09. 01. 2019 05:18 PST


No not worth it and if you have not played within the last year or so. Your sailors on account will be gone forever.

There is not much support anymore.

  • Re : Is this game worth coming back?

    09. 03. 2019 15:48 PST


maybe yes: just for the sake of feeding your nostalgia. Its not 2008 anymore so leveling will be fast than ever. Its up to you if you spend some or a little amount of $$ on game.

Maybe No: Like others said, the game is crawling with some Asiatic players that cant speak engrish. And support is kinda, slow but sometimes they reply but not worse like Vick on NFNA. After a hiatus I saw chang1234 that can say "hi."

I got my stuff back so others that didnt logon when GM gave a deadline they are lost forever. if you wanna return i suggest starting over again and play blitz. you'll get some elites and super elites. 

  • Re : Is this game worth coming back?

    09. 05. 2019 00:22 PST


Depends on if you can play during chinese times, outside of those there isn't much going on during summer.

Like said before; loads of xp to get big quick
and some random 'olive' drops for visiting the site to get you some basic boosts etc.

Besides that; have you tried the activation link, since accounts that aren't abandoned for a very long time can simply be activated by the activate nfna account function.

  • Re : Is this game worth coming back?

    09. 05. 2019 16:39 PST


This game really good , Weak support but sometime they answer the bestthing now is the Harbor assault / Defenise , you can spend money if you want fancy bb7/ cv7 ,  i beleieve in this game once it will back again with better support and better laggy issues , for me this game have most of my memories , family and my friends , you should give it anothor try 

  • Re : Is this game worth coming back?

    09. 06. 2019 21:56 PST


El juego siempre ha sido el mejor de todos en su rango (incluso cuando el gráfico no es 3D como la competencia). Lo malo es que desde los vicks de GM en adelante solo han arruinado el juego, el día en que se presente el nuevo GMS con ganas de trabajar, ¡esto volverá a su punto más alto!

  • Re : Is this game worth coming back?

    09. 06. 2019 23:34 PST


Yo tenia una cuenta antes y me la cerraron porque segun ellos (el antiguo Navyfield) los hackee, igual el juego es entretenido.