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    09. 22. 2019 02:29 PST


i cant see no game or fleet chat any one no y


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    09. 22. 2019 06:11 PST


bugged and forgotten 

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    09. 22. 2019 16:47 PST




ingame chat depends strongly on login location.


for me in germany shanghai and tokio work excellent, 100% chat guarantee.

all chinese in general good chance. but in "prime time" with many rooms open not playable at all. had been better in past...

frankfurt  sometimes after 10minutes or so chat works...all europeans same. lottery.


but for laggfree gameplay others are better... chat or gameplay . make your choice or look for the middle


shit anyway ;-)



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    09. 22. 2019 19:33 PST


I noticed that if u spam the chat while having both boxes ticked, it can grant you access after 2 min to the chat.


but this isnt guaranteed chance.


ps soulseeker ur profile pic is cute af 

ps jimmy and vader suck


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    09. 24. 2019 01:20 PST


hey guys,,i read your stuff,,one thing i noticed is when you have a host without chat,they cant host the room,,they appear like bots,,we ask for host check when its time to go,,,no answer,,gotta communicate,,especially the host,i did a host check once,,and he did a dance around me,,,cool,,he's here n watchin,,but no chat,,,,,i do alotta hostin,,i try to do the right things all the time,,i count the players,,i see whos balanced,,if i cant tell the guys theres issues,,,the room is bugged,,or someone else is,,well,,games over,,what a mouth full,,,yuk,,anyways,,be vigilent,,if you see something funny,,bet 10 bucks youre gonna have  issues,,it sucks,,but thats life,,,see you out there,,