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  • Using inactive fleet to protect harbor

    10. 14. 2019 13:17 PST


I do not want to get into fleet politics but I must ask this.  Why does fleet use inactive fleets to declare on its own harbor to protect it?  This is a common tactic used by Omega.  I understand that the HA time overlap is a strange situation in the new server.  But, this tactic of using an inactive fleet for sham declaration is unfair and takes away other fleet's right to play HA/HD.  If a fleet cannot play two HA/HD games that overlap in the same time zone, do not hold two harbors in that time zone.  Some fleets and players consider this as one fleet trying to control what HA/HD game other fleets can play by this type of manipulations.  Think about if someone creates sham fleets to declare on all harbors to completely shut down the HA/HD games, you will say that it is not acceptable because this takes away other fleet's rights to play HA/HD.  By the same logic, using inactive fleets for sham declaration is not an acceptable behavior.  If you do not have time, resource, or interest to defend, then, do not defend (for any reason including overlap HA/HD time).  Please do not use inactive fleets to protect your harbor.  If you want to attack but cannot defend at the same time, you have made your choice. 


  • Re : Using inactive fleet to protect harbor

    10. 14. 2019 17:28 PST


oooops...ultra did it again ;-)

legends, KT, dark side,....

GM loves it :-)


the main thing why this happens is the nonsense with the overlapping HA times!

vinnson wanted that no fleet has possibility to control both harbors in one timezone

so far so good...

but not thought till end.

the only fleet possible to control 2 harbors from numbers and strength is chnb nowadays.

and they have so many members, could easily defend both overlapping harbors - if they want to. but they dont!

why? can only own 2 harbors. maybe want have the option to attack !


all other timezones no fleet has that strength by far to really control their harbors against others

->no sense for overlapping at all

->no overlapping -> no HA blocking by fake fleets (hopefully)







  • Re : Using inactive fleet to protect harbor

    10. 14. 2019 20:21 PST


to remeber cat what you said

  • Re : Using inactive fleet to protect harbor

    10. 14. 2019 20:41 PST


hey ato!


sure, no problem with that ;-)

but other topic !


HA overlapping is the reason, HA blocking the effect

thats both topic for GM


dont bring up other things here - please

know the stories with the bar and the splinter in bible?



cu in battle




ato, use your brain before you post something private - out of context, please

hint: dont wake a storm with a fart









  • Re : Using inactive fleet to protect harbor

    10. 14. 2019 20:48 PST


using  3 fleets vs one is normal i ask mod.fleets that help one another always complain at gm and languge used by members these fleets in gb

  • Re : Using inactive fleet to protect harbor

    10. 14. 2019 20:57 PST


that´s vw_rider he is 100 year´s old and cant speak or write english :D

but ato ... flaming in GB vs Block issue Ha topic.

i´m not sure bro but you have mario and Naf  in your fleet that´s the KING´s of flame :D

and its 2 HA´s ago since OSRAMF restart a Habour Room, and the first words from Omega Side was CHeater and Hacker.  

And the easier way is the Gm´s stop in our timezone the overlap HA´s for chinese maybe is fine but for us 100 player isa bad as fuck.

Look Cat´s post. 

  • Re : Using inactive fleet to protect harbor

    10. 14. 2019 22:06 PST


Best you know my long time i dont talk dirty words but those insults at vw rider were at my address and am not mario or naf if one complain speck whit them. realty is try dont use another people another fleets to beat us 1 month tryet bamf or osp to win sn ha and lose and last harbor use border humping sky

  • Re : Using inactive fleet to protect harbor

    10. 14. 2019 22:53 PST


hey ato!


with all respect:


vw and you, thats personal. not topic here!

its right, normally we can talk with you...normally...vw too ;-)


that border humping sky you remark where immediately called back by leader!

see them as "accident", shit happens.

we don´t need such things, try play clean.


yes, we try for some weeks now to capture SN harbor. anything illegal about this?

be proud to have it one more week :-)

but we try it clean way!

chill mentioned above, week before we cancelled HT because ultra had mass crash - forgot already?

be sure, had been the last time...



if you really want to do your laundry here, no problem, here we are:

ultra also tried several weeks to attack hamburg.

*ultra misused "program bug" for months, vs BAMF and OSP - GM did nothing - ok, we do it now too - exclusively against ultra = eye vs eye

*ultra used ships offmap FOR MONTHS, week after week - GM did nothing

*ultra tried landing forces from APA moving offmap complete around HT trying to win harbor - noobs, built up harbor no chance with landing forces :-))

*ultra uses spy accounts in almost all other fleets for years

*ultra captured inactive accounts from other fleets for years, NA and here

*border humping planes, sky, TB,... almost EVERY HT - not worth mentioning, we got used to it ;-)


and last but not least:


*stop your level B crying about guests ("mercs")

(you contradicted yourself, last post: mod says is legal - btw almost all fleets have their guests...)

ultra has guest players nowadays too, last years, everytime, everywhere, every week.

you had them even from OSP side vs other fleet, thats why i know it for sure!

players personal decisions...

so don´t tell people bullshit here !

only thing, they are fewer and fewer every week because of ultras "dirty tricks"

your playstyle decides if you make friends or foe

sad for the players in ultra still respected by other fleets


thats all, crawl back under the stone you came from


now back to topic please:

HA blocking by fake fleet








topic here is blocking HA with fake fleets - nothing else

if have no arguments - stay silent!

  • Re : Using inactive fleet to protect harbor

    10. 14. 2019 23:15 PST


Testing...... 1,2,3


  • Re : Using inactive fleet to protect harbor

    10. 14. 2019 23:22 PST


Hola amigos ??


  • Re : Using inactive fleet to protect harbor

    10. 14. 2019 23:56 PST


i dont think that i right and if that right , i guess Catweazle_eu they kicked your fleet 7 times attacking or defending , i am honestly don't like Omegas or bamf , but Omegas one of best fleet in this Server , even you bamf / OSP give alot of accounts to mercs , you still lose and lose , this post made by a Bamf guy  but Catweazle_eu you stick your nose here becuase you felt sho shame after kicking your ass over than 7 times Km or SN even all navy knew you use RA/Bamf/OSP/ and other friends it's okay all of that VS one Fleet , to be honest you guys should be shamed of this or starting rumers about other fleets or reporting them only to win but the truth is you can't win only if other Fleet helping , Catweazle_eu i guess you should help bamf really hard next harbor becuase if you lose Km Honestly you should remove your fleet and join a better reputation fleet like Bamf , i feel that you guys afraid form Them only thing you can do it and beat them that attacking them in two harbors this is only way to defeat them ,  Bamf / Ra / OSP you should grow up and stop this only for harbor you guys willing to report everyone with out even agood reason or good prove . try to win fare no need for that here we will Navy members .



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