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  • Nation:CHINA

    02. 13. 2020 10:27 PST


lots of CN DDs running around.  have not heard of any prollems.  got a crew leveled to 20 or so and no 'advancement' seen.  might be time to post 'Sailor Tree' and 'Ship Tree'  and aaa...get the rest of the nation added to the game.  Ya know!


  • Re : Nation:CHINA

    02. 13. 2020 19:37 PST


i agree!!!!

  • Re : Nation:CHINA

    02. 23. 2020 11:10 PST


ATTENTION: NFFM / Vinnsson...still no China Nation ship or sailor trees.  have not tried to promote CN-BO lately beyond CNDD1, even though he is at level 18 or 20...i forget. and need to lvl a couple more CNBOs for total 3 ship lines.  GET ON THE STICK PLZ!  saw the 2 Prem/Event ships...howsabout basic ship lines at least?!

Attention Players:   CN 1st ENG at lvl 53, 1st Sonar at lvl 48(if i remember correctly), 1st Planesman at lvl 55(or, i forget), Recon at 50, Gunners and Torpers classed in usual ranges, have not worried about FP, DB, or TB yet, but they will all be super ELs too. 'cept my Recon is rolled base 12 since i was out of Heroes, for best Aircraft Rating