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    03. 07. 2020 05:03 PST


im kind of getting bored of ha's/hd's getting no propper fights or enemies cheesing and bugging around those games. i was wondering is there still an event team? im not looking for blaming those pleople but im hoping for some activities in future.

what i would like to have is an event for a team of 8-10 player. it couldnt be to hard find interested player or teams for this kind of event im pretty sure.
to avoid problems on different time zone there could be like western and eastern divisions and in the end a season final between the winners of both divisions. 
i thought about a setup using max bb6/cv6/ss. in my opinion its right now the most balanced setup and there is plenty of player having this class of ships.
i guess if there would be an event like this i would come back even more to evolve tatics and do propper training and im pretty sure other people will do the same.
that would increase the recent skill level and the levek fun a lot. so please if there is still people around interessted in this idea please post here, that you love to have this too or do add some ideas. i hope that if there is enough people showing their interest in these kind of events, maybe people in charge will make it work. its not that much work i guess.
you need to offer a plattform to register teams and create a schedule for those games.
i remember on nfeu there was a rule having a referee in every battle but i think there will be enough player in the battle who can bring video proof or just screenshots to confirm the result. in the end those event were the best fun at all and even motivated people coming back to smash or teams. and i for me a price is not that important, i would just enjoy spend my life time smashing noobs. so please think about it and thank you for reading.

but please keep out the flame. its about game fun, nothings else....



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    03. 07. 2020 05:12 PST


Glad that you asked. Event team is in Ultra/Omega. Ultra/Omega is also the one cheesing and bugging in HA. 

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    03. 07. 2020 05:14 PST


Originally Posted by doomsday420

Glad that you asked. Event team is in Ultra/Omega. Ultra/Omega is also the one cheesing and bugging in HA. 

but please keep out the flame. its about game fun, nothings else...



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    03. 07. 2020 05:24 PST

I think the idea is very good. I'm sure there are some players who are interested. Then you should see how many ships there should be per team. For example 10 main ships, 6BB6 and 4 CV6 or 5/5, 7/3 etc and then max 1 or 2 SS4

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    03. 07. 2020 05:34 PST


We had an event team but it never really helped , to many different time zones and planned events / battles failed .. I think there is still one member and a few that help but unless times of arranging these event are set equal for all then they may still have problmes to run or happen at all ..  and not to many old EU players left or active :( 

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    03. 07. 2020 05:35 PST


I remember hosting newbie events on EU server :)0 

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    03. 07. 2020 05:43 PST


its not a big deal to create this kind of event. 
1. you need to know if there is interested player.(this what this topic is about)
2. you set up rules
3. you create a grid
4. you play the grid
5. you had fun and cant wait for the next one 

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    03. 07. 2020 05:44 PST


A thought was about giving each team 200 points to use 

bb7 70 points 
bb6 60 points 
bb5 50 points and so on ..... but max ships was 6 in total 

make it a knock out style , stream live so others can watch 

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    03. 07. 2020 05:45 PST


  • Re : Team event?

    03. 07. 2020 07:40 PST


Well, I'd certainly be interested, and I'm nowhere near alone. But the devil, of course, is in the details. A lot has to be figured out. I might suggest roving matches though. Rather than shoehorn players into specific time slots that will naturally deny many players so much as an opportunity, rather allow teams a set period to set up and play their matches at a date and time most convenient for both.

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    03. 07. 2020 19:25 PST



as HAs going down thx to cheating/bugusing + overlapping HAs + unplayable HAs due to technical issues (tokio,toulon) and no reaction of GM:

there will be another  game goal necessary to hold the  veteran players ingame


the "good old fleet league"


why not`?

the idea with 2 or more timezones  2 or 4 divisions is good, that was big issue in last tried leagues.

so one got it earlier ,-)


the last leagues had a very "uncommon" thats a big point.

old EU modus - that was fun i heard of ,-)

something like 6 BB, 1 or 2 CV, 1 ss

or like that event on NA with the occupation map - really was not bad !

only ship tier too low...


one thing:

dont bind teams on exact fixed players, set them on accounts

in other words:

no matter who is in battle for the team.

lets have reserve players !

why? other way if some players cant game over => league  over


if no trust to event team - found a new one, inofficial

we dont need officials from NF for this....

just some have to take it in their own hands


chheers ;-)


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