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  • Chinese line

    04. 15. 2020 00:03 PST


When will the battleships go up? Does anyone have information?



  • Re : Chinese line

    04. 15. 2020 06:21 PST


Nah because launching a full ship line at once would of made just too much sense. 

  • Re : Chinese line

    04. 15. 2020 10:05 PST


Hopefully later than sooner. Looking at the current madness of a DD China Navy has at lvl12, I would assume taking a deeper look into this in order to launch a more balanced and fair product makes more sense. 

Then again looking at Moskva and P41B, maybe we are past fair and balanced products.

  • Re : Chinese line

    04. 15. 2020 13:10 PST


If we look at the world through Chinese eyes , we will see that Chinese ships have always been the strongest! They were able to sink Bismarck and won at Midway. Magellan and Columbus were Chinese. You didn't know that? What inexcusable ignorance!
*it was sarcasm

P.S. They don't seem to understand how stupid it looks.

  • Re : Chinese line

    04. 15. 2020 16:55 PST


"They will be released 1 by 1, designer and devs are working on it."

Made by Vinnson

  • Re : Chinese line

    04. 18. 2020 12:54 PST


sailors develop pretty standard.  engies 1st class at 53...ask in game cause i'm pushing to lvl 60 on all lines when i play.  sonar/planes at lvl 62, both 1st class.   ship guns seem wimpy, even for DD stages.

  • Re : Chinese line

    04. 19. 2020 08:52 PST


Esperemos sean buenos y el SS que saquen se encuentre a la altura del juego
El CV Chino es bueno tanto en los Dbs como en los Tbs.