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    05. 18. 2020 12:07 PST


I am a returning player and didn't have sub when I played before. I have tried to get a sub crew ready but don't know what kind of crew to put in "R" and "T" slots. I have a lvl 47 Torpman, Planseman, and Sonarman along with lvl 65 BO.  Can someone point me in the right direction?

Rover out


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    05. 18. 2020 15:26 PST


hola, normalmente yo en en mis SS no pongo nada en los slots "R" algunos ponen un repair y otros el gunner.   La tripulacion normal para un SS es;  BO, 2 torpman, 1 planesman, 1 sonarmano y ademas algunos ingenieros 

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    05. 19. 2020 08:55 PST


hey jim,   torpedomen go into both front and rear torp positions(Tslots),  keep developing 2nd torper level to the first one using R(gun) or Pilot Station or supp slots because you might need him later.  if you use a gunner R slot(s) are on main deck or conning tower.  each torp in tubes counts as one for ammo in ship info box at bottom, R slot load being last ammo slot usually.

keep torper 2-3 levels above BO to operate BO level sub tubes, and get tier 6 torps  use in Premium subs at lvl 103, i think.

planesman and sonar in supp slots always, always full to the last recruit...or you suck air to fill tanks at start of each battle planesman is not full.  sonar is your lifeline against other subs.  the eleven button for max range to live

begin to develop 3-6 Engines early depending on nation.  or use ^^level BB engines.  work to get full   vets and full experts.   levels ranging 8-10 levels below(few sailors) to lvl 120 if they fit.  

BO is just a driver...minimze his experts to 25-35, a few recruits, 0 to none vets.  your sub aims your torps.  F4  gives you optionsl firing as with guns.  gradual saves torps.  maximum aimed well sinks ships fast.  the higher level the more torps.  

levelling subs is a long hard  process.  i recomend doing the whole grind 1-120 at least once for the will learn a ton!  most just level a nationed sailor to high tier 4, or even tier 5 level of sailor, then making him a sub BO.   NATION BEFORE LVL 25...class anytime.

there's so much.   any questions ask.  in game usually in blitz still developing all pilot lines.   this is what usually works best for me.  opinions may vary. 

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    05. 19. 2020 12:36 PST


This is what i get when i try to put a Torpman in the front or back T slot, "unmatched level". He is level 58

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    05. 19. 2020 12:39 PST


I appreciate your time and help techdome

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    05. 19. 2020 19:06 PST


I am not sure but it seems you need lvl 61 torpedo man to operate Barracuda SS torpedo launchers. 

21" Mark12 S Launcher 10 7,000
LT 0 / 0 1 42 1 1 815 65.20 2,100

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    05. 20. 2020 02:22 PST


Hi Rover, you might want to look in Forum under "Tips and Tactics".
Keyword search "Sub"
There are a lot of posts that can help you.


kmr44 is right, about the torperlevel ;-)



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    05. 20. 2020 12:08 PST


Thanks for all the help guys!

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    05. 21. 2020 01:11 PST


And I'm not sure if loading 6 torps on each rear launcher is required. I always load torps in rear for 3, maybe 4 salvos (if there is enought space for torps at all). So you can load 3 torps in rear launcher and move freed torpedoes to front.