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  • [HOT TOPIC] NavyField New Server Consolidation: NavyFIELD DiVErSitY

    05. 19. 2020 18:43 PST


NavyField is a game of diversity. The community has been playing a variety of awesome ships which are all well balanced. We are looking out for our fellow gamers, preparing our best possible equipment for a fair match.

To ensure an authentic gaming experience and even more fair matches we proudly present the all-new server:

NavyField DiVErSitY

More diverse setups. More diverse EBBs.

Let's join all together and let this make real. 


  • Re : [HOT TOPIC] NavyField New Server Consolidation: NavyFIELD DiVErSitY

    05. 19. 2020 22:19 PST


i like the ise configuration, really a low profile

  • Re : [HOT TOPIC] NavyField New Server Consolidation: NavyFIELD DiVErSitY

    05. 20. 2020 02:04 PST


I told em tho, moskva is too OP


the K39 has no advantage over the H44 rlly except it can fit more sailors and prob AA without the need to suffer on OH or rep for it.

With proper engine handling, you wouldnt have the need for a K39


  • Re : [HOT TOPIC] NavyField New Server Consolidation: NavyFIELD DiVErSitY

    05. 21. 2020 01:07 PST


How can we talk about diversity or playerbase skill, since there is simple recipe for win: get Richelieu '51, mount 13 deck of armor and happily press spacebar, you get 39 knots so anything can't escape from your frontal guns. Or if you prefer speed and fast knock-outs, buy italian 41-B. In these days, you play with OP ships or useless cvs (they launch 9 bombers on single pilot).

I'm not racist but another server for players from Europe/Americas only would be very welcomed. But I know this is impossible.

GM's don't care what happens on GB or blitzkrieg, where ABing is just normal an leeching accepted.
They are interested in implementing new nation for nationalist ambitions. And I'm sure that chinese bbs/subs/cvs will be overpowered in any possible way. I mean subs with proxy torps (which is nice km perk and very useful in fighting), dbs with high dmg/speed/fuel cap. Chinese dd has 6 support slots, this is unfunny joke.

I'm sure you already learned chinese, because in future only chinese ships will be playable here.

  • Re : [HOT TOPIC] NavyField New Server Consolidation: NavyFIELD DiVErSitY

    05. 21. 2020 06:36 PST


its not just that, its that the so called ''pro'' players seem to only play charlemagne (which is OP in in any fight except HA/HD tiles with line battles, where it is actually balanced)

Project B41 something else size is fine, has ok turn rate, just toomuch blockshot for a RM BB would suggest nerfing the Acc or the speed.

Moskva: Ridiculous turn rate, speed and hitbox with a sht ton on dmg. Overall ship is being OP across the board. Having 39 knots (while SN should be at a disadvantage regarding speed), with such a ridiculous hitbox that not even blockshot will save u. Hits like a montana, idiotic hitbox, 39 knots (for SN) and ridiculous range with 45 angle.


that hybrid SN premium BB thingy with ridiculous turn rate

K39 could be classified aswell, KM having so much support slots gives easy access for AA without much sacrifice for GB, Also, guns are farther set apart compared to other KM BBs due to it being slightly longer. Allowing it to have more range in slingshot situations. (K39 still a piece of junk in my eyes, never bothered buying it) But hey, 95% of the playerbase doesnt know so I guess u still need somewhat of a brain to understand.

Also, it has a smaller sized hitbox in terms of thickness, which is like a H39 size, stretched out, allowing it to have better slingshot capabilities.

Richilieu 1951 speaks for itself, like many MN players who play either a charly or a rich 1951, dumb, straight forward, just rush and shoot like a moron and have no care in the world.


A) u can just oneshot them with KM 5 range and 42 knots with ridiculous spread and turn rate

B) if you suck at aim, you aint a charly, but ofc you can still dodge despite the ship being a gaint black carrot (only for players with somewhat of a brain or ego not naming anyone here)


Rich: same principle as charly, no need to have a single care in the world, why bother dodging if u can bounce 45 angle shells from a montana.





MN is the true pepega here, but SN can be somewhat included now.