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  • Patch on 22-07-2020

    07. 23. 2020 11:48 PST

Patch details on 22-07-2020

Game version change to Newbie version, 6/6.5 series ships cannot join Great Battle room.

1. Remove the limitation on selecting nation of the sailor with level 25 or above

2. Add new Premium USN DD Greyhound (Memorial ship)

3. Change of client name in different catalogues:
  Simplified Chinese version : 舰队使命

  Global English version : NAVYFIELD
  Simplified Chinese STEAM version : 大海2
  Traditional Chinese STEAM version : 諜海雄獅
  English STEAM version : NAVYFIELD

Since we encrypted our files, maybe false detected by some of the anti-virus software, you can check for details on the below link about the result of our file.

    Result of Anti-Virus online check

If auto-update failed, please download the patch file manually.

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Navyfield Management Team