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NF Weekly Event


Server :  Enterprise

Taste the power event
07. 22. 2017 00:00 ~ 08. 13. 2017 23:59


PST 07. 22. 2017 00:00 ~ 08. 13. 2017 23:59
EST 07. 22. 2017 03:00 EST ~ 08. 14. 2017 02:59 EST
GMT 07. 22. 2017 08:00 GMT ~ 08. 14. 2017 07:59 GMT
Server Enterprise Status Completed Views 13,451

Hello Community,

From 22 July till 13 August. Everyone will have a chance to get one of the ultimate ships in game-  CV7/BB7!  

A) Blitzkrieg and Skirmish rooms have a chance to receive random Premium Items drops!(Premium account have 50% more chance)  

B) Every weekend there will be 500% Veteran Conversion Boost. Great Battle, Blitzkrieg and Skirmish rooms will have 200% XP! 

1. 5 players with longest online hours during event period will receive 1 CV7.  

2. 10 Players with most games played will receive 1 BB6.5/CV 6.5 (Check how to screenshot below before you start and when event end!)

3. First 15 players who spend over 10,000 olives will receive 1 CV 7/BB 7.  (You need to submit a ticket by the time you spent 10,000+ olives during event period, first 15 players reach the requirement and submit ticket will be counted. Early submit ticket that doesn't match the time you finish requirement will not be accepted)  

For Category 1, we will check online hours so you don't need to submit anything. For Category 2, you are suggested to capture screenshot at the start of event and end of event after typing /who command(with official method, print screen and find your screenshot in navyfield folder so it will have timestamp) Screenshot later than 13 Aug and edited screenshot will not be accepted and will be disqualified from the event.

Player can only enter one winner list between Category 1 & 2 Longest online hour/Most games played. Late submission of tickets will not be accepted. SDenternet Co Ltd reserves the right of final decisions of the event.

Don't miss the chance to taste the power while you enjoying the random drops and XP/Veteran bonus!


Thank you,

Navy Field Management Team