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NF Weekly Event


Server :  All

Supply Box System
07. 01. 2018 00:00 ~ 12. 31. 2021 00:59


PST 07. 01. 2018 00:00 ~ 12. 31. 2021 00:59
EST 07. 01. 2018 03:00 EST ~ 12. 31. 2021 03:59 EST
GMT 07. 01. 2018 08:00 GMT ~ 12. 31. 2021 08:59 GMT
Server All Status Completed Views 29,757

This is a long term event starting from 1 July 2018

Players are able to acquire different prizes under this system. 
Including NFX Sailor(all +18 Stats), BB/CV 7, BB/CV 6.5, Hero Sailor, and tons of other sailor/ship items

The most important thing is, you always get more than what you paid for in this system~! 

You will find 3 types of boxes: CV/BB 7 Box,  CV/BB 6.5 Box, Sailor Supply Box

Now choose a box, scroll down to the bottom and you can see 3 types of Key

Gold, Silver, Bronze
Each type of Key has different probability in opening box, the better key the higher chance of getting better prize

Now let's try some luck! 

What you win is always more than what you paid. 

After used up all the keys, you can always purchase more here. You can buy maximum 10 keys each time.

Good luck all and read rules on the page for more info! 
If you have problem or find any bugs, please contact us at Support Center. Any event exploit will lead to permanent ban of the related account.