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  • Universal Server Rules & HA Rules

    12. 23. 2009 08:14

Universal Server Rules

1) The Ultimate Rule!!!!!

You are held liable for all activities conducted on or through your Account, regardless
who conducts those activities.

2) Normal Room Rules

BB vs. DD; CA/CL vs. DD game rooms

1. BB vs. CA is allowed, but BB vs. CL and below variants is considered
2. CA vs. CL and below is considered legal.
3. BB1-4 vs. BB5 is an acceptable game type.
4. BB1-5 vs. BB6 is an acceptable game type.

6-inch gun BB/CA Rooms

1. 6-inch 20.1-inch gun size rooms are allowed, so long as they are not in the form of
6inch 20.1inch BB vs. CL, DD, FF, or any combination of those three.
2. Furthermore, they cannot be in the form 뱊o AP rooms. Limiting AP ammo makes
them illegal.
3. There must be a balanced number of BBs on both sides.

CV Select and CV War Room:

1. For a CV to participate in a CV select/ war room, the CV must have bombers
loaded with bomber pilots regardless of the armament carried by the CV.
2. For a CV to participate in a CV select/ War room, any CV3 or above MUST
have both fighters and bombers loaded. CV2 and below are allowed in with only
bombers, but are recommended to have fighters as well.

CV Hunt Rooms:

1. For a CV to participate in a CV hunt, the CV must have db/tb planes loaded on
board along with corresponding pilots, regardless of any armament carried on the

3) Great Battle/Blitzkrieg/Night Game Mode Rules

Great Battle/Blitzkrieg/Night Game Mode

1. These are for all ship classes. Therefore, banning is not allowed unless a player
commits an offense that is cited in the EULA. If a player is banned from a room, host
must provide sufficient proof to prove why player was banned.
2. If it is necessary to kick a loading player in order to start the room. The host must
provide warning and wait for 10 seconds before banning the player.
3. Fighter only CVs in these rooms are considered acceptable.
4. Players may outfit their ships in any configuration they desire. However, the
configuration must provide an offensive or defensive capability that assists
the team (such as AA ships other than BBs, TW or standard gun-type fittings) for
your team. (I.e. a BB with only AA is not considered substantial support.)

4) Trade Areas (Area 13 and 18) and Clan Areas (Area 14 and 19)

Since Area 13 and 18 are specified as Trade Only Areas, the following rules are now
put in place:

1. All AFK rooms in Area 13 or 18 will be disconnected by TNF after informing the host
about the unauthorized creation in the wrong area.
2. For the Fleet or SQ, you can have an all-purpose room open in Area 14.

For Non-Fleet players you can have all-purpose room open in Area 8.

WTB/WTS/WTT should be done in Trade Areas, do not spam these in battle
room chat.

You can still create a room in Area 13 if you are making a room to meet with a
Moderator or Monitor to meet you in to discuss an issue.

밡ame Here Fleet" RECRUITING should be done in Clan Area.

AFK hosts in trade area are subject to being kicked without warning.

5) Use of Macros, Team Killing (TKing), Ghosting, or Leeching in any game

Definition of leeching: Any player caught roaming around the room not actively
pursuing the enemy or failure to move from their starting position.

Players must be actively contributing to battle by AAing, shooting, DB/TBing, etc to be
considered active and not leeching to gain free experience.

Use of any Macro(s) will result in permanent ban from Navyfield.

1. Examples of Macros include sailor-rolling macros, macros used to sail ships
randomly around the room to gain exp, etc.

Regarding the in game text macros. The Spamming of text macros in battle rooms is
considered abuse. Which May result in the spammer being kicked from the game
without any warning.

Team killing of TKing is not allowed in Navyfield. This is defined as a player on the
same team shooting, DBing or TBing, or killing another player on the same team.


Informing fleet mates in opposing team using fleet chat or external chat (such as
TS/Vent) at all about ship locations remaining on your side, to give him the possibility
to sink them is considered as ghosting and is punishable offense.

Players who use macros will be permanently banned from Navyfield for a first
offense, so long as significant evidence of illegal action is provided.

6) Fleet VS All Rooms

Normal room type is the ONLY allowed room to host these games in.

These games will have the hosting fleet at all times stacking against themselves.
These will not be slaughter fests for the hosting Fleet.

For example of a good balance: There will be more Capitol ships and CVs on the Non-
Fleet side then on the Fleet side.

7) Free Experience Rooms

No player is allowed to host any of these rooms.

Only server heads, server commanders, and GMs are allowed to open and run a free
experience room.

First time offenders will be reminded of this rule once. Repeat offenders will receive a
minimum 1-day ban from Navyfield, so long as significant evidence of illegal action is

8) Advertising in NF

The advertising of commercial websites is NOT ALLOWED, but sites such as NF fan
sites and fleet/squad websites can advertised on the official Navyfield site or in the

9) Banning Moderators/Monitors

Players are NOT ALLOWED to ban moderators, except under the following

1. Moderator has become inactive in a normal room and is stopping the room from
starting. Host must give the mod 2 minutes to respond after the room is closed.
2. Moderator뭩 ship fails to load within 2 minutes after the closure of a Great Battle
room, thus stopping the room from starting.

Please submit a support ticket or send an e-mail to the server head or head mod
with proof, such as a screen shot(s), if you have a complaint about a moderator뭩
conduct, DO NOT ban the moderator from your room. Players DO NOT have the right
to punish, insult, or abuse moderators.

10) Illegal Play Methods

S & F (Stop and Fire):

1. Definition 1: This is a type of pre-arranged battle known about since 2001. The
game setup usually has a capital ship, mostly BB or BC on one side and the other
side has the lower level players (at least 7 players, usually they are DD/FF, to meet
the player amount requirement to earn experience). The capital ship stops in the
battlefield and allows the lower level side to open fire at the BB/BC without the
capital ship returning fire.
2. Definition 2: Both teams have equal shops, but they do not engage in a real fight.
Each team allows the other team to cause a certain amount of damage, and then
the game is ended by the players once they have reached this certain amount of

High level pilots, low-level planes.

1. Using tier 1 fighters with pilots above level 80 will be considered exploiting a
known bug within NF and will be punished as such, as per the guidelines in the
universal server rules. Below is a guide of the information you should supply to us
when reporting incidents of this type to allow us to gather the information we
require to make an accurate decision in these cases.

Requirements for us to punish the player, we will need the time of the battle and the
time zone you are in, and a screenshot of the CV launching tier 1 planes. We can
then check the pilot level and determine if it was exploiting or not (as multiple gold
might just be supports and not actual pilots).

Operation Convoy (OP) Stacking:

1. In reference to the Operation Convoy game type where the teams are
unreasonably balanced or where on team has only one player and everyone else
joins the other side. They gain tactical points and experience by stacking the teams.
2. Definition for 밨easonable Balance: The displacement on both teams must be
close to each other, and the numbers of ships per class are balanced between both
(Clarification: Just because the displacement is close to even this does not mean it is
balanced. You also need to try to balance the number of the ships in each team.)

Prearranged Battle:

1. These battles are also known as AB (Arranged Battles), which is where the battle
is already mapped out and known by both sides to the extent that it maximizes
experience for both because the outcome is known.

Example 1: Rooms called 밅lan Name Only." If you must host a practice or meeting
room do it outside of areas, which grant experience and credits (i.e. outside of 7, 8,
and 12).

Example 2: AA room where large ships such as Battleship or Carrier will let others
beat him up without fighting back. Moderators are exempt from this rule to
host 밊ree EXP Rooms."

Example 3: A room where you will fire upon enemy hips however you will not kill
them, instead you will hit them and allow them to repair and he will do the same so
you both get as much attack, experience, and credits as possible.

Example 4: Operation Convoy where one team will capture the crate repeatedly
while the other team is instructed to not fight back, in return they will get to do it
next game.

Any battle in an XP area, that is not the main area for the server, when said main XP
area is not full, will be considered ABing.

For example, Arizona uses Area 12. Therefore, if rooms are open in Area 7 by a fleet,
whenArea 12 is not full, that will be considered an AB battle.

In addition, this will be ban-able on sight by a Mod or GM. A report will be made and
all players in that room (especially if they are in the same fleet), will be subject to
disciplinary actions.

AB = Arranged Battle: Essentially, is when both sides have agreed to certain
limitations controlling the outcome of a battle. (When is carried out by a single fleet,
or group of friends). This type of battle is only allowed in NON-XP areas. Two, or
more, fleets collaborating to ensure a pre-arranged outcome of a HA is also
considered an arranged battle.

Failure to comply with any of the above illegal game modes will result in a minimum 1-
day ban and may result in a permanent ban from Navyfield so long as significant
evidence of illegal action is provided.

  • Re : Universal Server Rules, HA Rules, Suspended players

    12. 23. 2009 08:58


SDE have implemented a change to the way the website handles banned player

Beforehand players were unable to log in to the NF website with their account ID
whilst banned. Banned players were often resorting to other methods of
communication to TNF/SDE including creating 'one off' accounts for the sole purpose
of sending in support tickets to inquire about their banned account.

Players whose accounts have been banned are now able to log in to the NF site
with their banned account and send a support ticket to ask for more information.
They are also able to read the NF forums but cannot create new posts nor reply to
existing ones.

This will give players a method of communication to TNF/SDE and gain assistance
concerning their banned account situation, rather than resort to ad-hoc methods.

Any queries regarding this update please leave here and TNF/SDE will try to respond
as soon as possible.

  • Re : Universal Server Rules HA Rules

    12. 23. 2009 08:52

Players have been complaining about a lack of definitive rules for harbor assault to
show what is fair and what inst. So I made up a list these are all things most players
follow already so in general it will have no effect on your gameplay experience.

HA rules

Please all fleet leaders read this carefully before declaring harbor assault, you will
be expected to understand and abide by all the following rules while participating in
HA :

The aim behind these rules is to allow everyone to enjoy the harbor assault game
mode with minimal disagreements and complaints

1. Basic Fleet requirements :
You must have at least 30 members to declare harbor assault, having less than
this means you will have no chance of winning and will most likely lead to wasting
the defending fleets time. At this time there is no fee on declarations if it becomes
needed at some stage we will introduce one but at this time the moderator team
and GM's prefer the HA's to be free.

2. Rules and penalty on aggressive declarations and declaring without playing.
Definition of aggressive declaration :
Aggressive declaration means the attacking fleet repeatably declaring meaningless war
on the defending fleet, but do not participate in HA after wards, in order to confuse
and waste the defending fleet's time, severely affecting normal defending fleet's
game play experience. Some examples are below

1. Declaring war with fake fleets.(Fleet member less than 30)
2. Does not attack the harbour after declaration.
3. When the HA starts, no members are sent to battles, or they only wait for the
time to pass and end the HA.
4. Repeatly declaring war without participating.
Anyone of the above means it was an aggressive declaration, so if defending fleet
encounters such situations, they can provide sufficient proof and apply for
cancellation of the HA for that week. The attacking fleet will be officially punished as
per the rules later.

The same fleet repeatably making aggressive declarations (multiple times in a period of
under 2 months), the Fleet leader ID making those declarations will be penalized. If
the situation worsens, the fleet might be disbanded, or the related ID will be

Definition of declaring war without playing/self declaring :
Self declaring means the declaring fleet is recognized by player community as a
branch fleet of the defending fleet. Declaring war without playing means not sending
members to play the HA or playing without a desire to win, causing the other fleets
cannot attack the harbor normally. Fleets included under this include but are not
limited to fleets made by alternate accounts of players in a main fleet.

Self declaration and declaring without playing are not permitted.

If there is a belief that a fleet is self declaring to protect its port other fleets provide
sufficient proof and make an official complaint. If the fleet is found to be self
declaring, the declaring fleet leader ID will be penalized (same as aggressive
declaration). The fleet may lose control on the harbor if the situation worsen, fleet
dismissed and punish relative IDs, and prohibited from any HA related activity within
a month.

3. Declaring war, but cancelled declaration due to special reasons.
If the defending and attacking fleet counters special situations which cannot avoid,
cannot delay and have understandable reasons, forcing them to cancel the HA, both
fleets can discuss and cancel or transfer the control of the harbor between
themselves. The discussion and result must be submitted to the official organization.
If one of the fleets cannot contact the other team within 12 hours of HA, they can
contact official organizations, and receive official process on that HA. The defending
fleets which fulfill the above description cannot declare war on any harbor within 7

Within 12 hours of the start of the harbor assault, attacking side cannot cancel the
HA by themselves, and if there are special situations which require the cancellation
of the HA (cannot attack anymore or other understandable reasons), they need to
discuss with the other fleet and may cancel the HA after the other fleet agrees. The
fleet canceling the HA while the HA is in progress is allowed and is recommended if
the attackers cannot field enough ships to take the harbor successfully please
inform the defenders and TNF as to the reason for the cancellation.

4. HA reminders
HA is same as all battles and fleet wars, and players should follow the same rules :
1. All players must not use any recognized bugs or glitches.
2. While in battle, forum or in a waiting room, please use civilized language and do
not team-kill, harass anyone and other recognized uncivilized behavior.
4. Fleets who find their opponent breaking a rule should take clear screen-shots
immediately as proof, and submit to the Moderators or in a support ticket as soon as
5. Must not use any unapproved 3rd party programs or hacks.
6. If there are small conflicts, they should be quickly solved within the two fleets. If
needed ask a moderator who is online to help out with these small conflicts.
7. While the HA is in progress, Attacking fleet should not wait for the Assault to end
without attacking.
8. Disconnecting will only be punished if TeamNF have enough evidence to show that
it was deliberately done by the player, which could be instantaneous or could be
built up over a period of time to show constant disconnects at specific suspicious
moments in a battle.

Using hacks will receive a direct ban for the ID involved as per normal.

Anyone who breaks the rules, and continue to do so after warnings, TNF and SDE
have the right to carry out appropriate actions towards the related IDs and fleet.
(Direct disband, punishing responsible ID and fleet leaders)

Possible punishments for breaches of the rules above:
1. Official Warning on the NavyField Forums
2. Cancellation of the declaration
3. Credit and Points fine for the Fleet Leader
4. 3-7 days ban for Fleet Leader
5. De-leveling of the Fleets Radioman to level 50
6. Dismissal of the fleet.

Reglas de Harbour Assault

Por favor, que todos los lideres de flotas lean esto antes de declarar el asalto a
que se espera que entiendan y sigan las siguientes reglas mientras participan en el
a puerto:

El objetivo de estas reglas y permitir a todos disfrutar del asalto a puerto
las disputas y quejas.

1. Requerimientos b?icos de las Flotas:
Tienen que tener al menos 30 miembros para declarar el asalto a puerto, si tienen
significa que no tienen posibilidad de ganar el asalto y probablemente lleve a una
de tiempo de la flota defensora. Hasta el momento no hay costo alguno al declarar el
ataque a puerto, pero si se hace necesario podemos instaurar un costo. Por el
momento el
equipo de moderadores y GM's prefieren que los ataques a puertos se mantengan

2. Reglas y penalizaciones en las declaraciones agresivas sin participar
La definici? de declaracion agresiva:
Significa que la flota atacante declara guerra en repetidas ocasiones a la flota
defensora, pero no participan en el Asalto a Puerto en su debido momento, para
confundir y
malgastar el tiempo de la flota defensora, afectando severamente la calidad del
juego de
la flota defensora. Abajo algunos ejemplos:
1. Declarar la guerra con flotas falsas. (flotas con menos de 30 miembros)
2. No atacan el puerto luego de haber declarado el ataque.
3. Cuando conmienza el Asalto a Puerto, ningun miembro se presenta a batallar, o
esperan a que pase el tiempo y terminar el Asalto.
4. Declarar repetidamente el ataque a puerto sin participar en el.
Cualquiera de las medidas de arriba ser?considerada una declaraci? agresiva, asi
que si
la flota defensora se ve enfrentado a esto, y puede proveer suficiente evidencia
demostrarlo, puede pedir que se cancele el Ataque a Puerto esta semana. La flota
sera castigada oficialmente segun reglas que seran declaradas mas adelante.

Si una misma flota hace declaraciones agresivas repetidamente (multiples veces en
periodo de 2 meses) tendra al lider de flota(ID) que hace las declaraciones
penalizado. Si
la situacion empeora, la flota puede ser desarmada, o el ID baneado.

Definicion de declarar el Asalto sin jugar / Declararse a si mismos:
Declararse a si mismos significa que la flota que ataca es reconocida como una rama
de la
flota defensora. Declarar el Asalto sin jugar significa no mandar a los miembros a
participar en el Asalto a participar en el sin intenciones de ganar, impidiendo que
flotas puedan declarar el Asalto normalmente. Las flotas mencionadas aqui NO estan
limitadas a flotas que consisten de cuentas alternativas de los jugadores de la flota

La declaracion a si mismos y declarar sin jugar no estan permitido.

Si se cree que una flota se estan declarando a si mismos para proteger el puerto, y
otras flotas proveen suficiente informacion para demostrarlo, entonces pueden hacer
queja formal. Si se determina que la flota se estaba declarando a si mismos, el ID del
lider que efectua las declaraciones sera penalizado (al igual que con la declaracion
agresiva). La flota puede perder el control del puerto y si la situacion empeora, la
puede ser desarmada y los IDs respectivos penalizados, sin posibilidad de participar
actividades relacionadas al Asalto a Puerto durante un mes.


Declarar el ataque, pero cancelarlo debido a circunstancias especiales.
Si la flota defensora y la atacante se ven enfrentadas a una situacion especial que
puede ser evadida, no se puede postergar y tiene razones fundadas, que los
obligue a
cancelar el Ataque a Puerto, ambas flotas pueden discutir la situacion y cancelar el
ataque o transferir el control del puerto entre ellas. La discusion y el resultado
que ser enviados a la organizacion oficial. Si una de las flotas no puede contactar a
otra hasta 12 horas antes del Ataque a Puerto, pueden contactar a la organizacion
y seguir el procedimiento oficial en ese Ataque a Puerto. La flota defensora que
con la descripcion anterior no puede declarar un ataque a ningun puerto en los
7 dias.

En las 12 horas antes del ataque a puerto, la flota que ataque no puede cancelar el
a Puerto por si mismos, y si hay circunstancias especiales que lleven a cancelar el
(no pueden seguir atacando o por otras razones entendibles), tienen que discutirlo
con la
otra flota y pueden cancelar el ataque luego de que la otra flota acepte. Cancelar el
ataque a flota durante el ataque esta permitido y es recomendado SI los atacantes
pueden juntar los suficientes buques para tomar el puerto. Por favor comuniquen a
la flota
defensora y a TNF el motivo de la cancelacion del ataque.

4. Recordatorios
El Ataque a Puerto es lo mismo que las batallas normales y las Batallas de Flotas, asi
los jugadores tienen que seguir las mismas reglas:
1. Todos los jugadores no deben usar bugs o fallas del juego.
2. Durante la batalla, en el foro o en el cuarto de espera, se pide que usen lenguaje
civilizado, que no hagan teamkill, que no molesten a los otros jugadores y que no
en practicas incivilizadas.
3. Las flotas que encuentren a sus oponentes rompiendo las reglas tienen que
screenshots inmediatamente que sirvan como prueba, enviarlos a los moderadores o
en un
support ticket lo antes posible.
4. No se deben usar programas de terceros o hacks.
5. Si hay peque?s conflictos, estos deben resolverse rapidamente dentro de ambas
Si es necesario pidanle a algun moderador que este online ayuda para resolver
6. Mientras se lleva el Ataque a Puerto, la flota atacante no debe esperar a que
el Ataque a Puerto sin atacar.
7. Desconectarse sera sancionado solo si TeamNF tiene suficiente evidencia que
muestre que
fue hecho aproposito por el jugador, que puede ser instantaneo o puede ser a
traves del
tiempo mostrando las desconexiones en momentos sospechosos durante la batalla.

Usar hacks conllevara a un ban directo del ID responsable, como se hace

Quien sea que rompa estas reglas, y continue rompiendolas luego de las
advertencias, sera
sujeto a las acciones apropiadas por parte de TNF y SDE, ya sea hacia los IDs
y a la flota. (Desarmar la flota directamente, castigar a los IDs responsable y a los
lideres de flota)

Los castigos posbiles por romper las reglas mencionadas anteriormente:
1. Una advertencia oficial en los foros de NavyField.
2. Cancelacion de la declaracion de ataque.
3. Una fianza de creditos y puntos al lider de la flota.
4. Un ban de 3-7 dias al lider de la flota.
5. Bajar el nivel del radioman de la flota a nivel 50.
6. Desarmar la flota.