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  • Level Capping and veterans: An Analysis

    10. 22. 2005 09:41

Some "veteran" player complained that level capping is preventing him from joining any game. His post should now be on page 1 or 2 of this forum, but it is currently 5 pages long. So I decided to post a new thread on this.

I would like to provide the other side of the story about level capping. Mainly, I want to express my view on level capping from the standpoint of a lower level player who is around level 37.

The whole issue of level capping boils down to one simple thing: conflict of interests. Suppose level capping never existed. Vet players like camelo will be frequently playing in CL/CA/low BB rooms. Why? Beause with their uber gunners they can rape everyone in those rooms. They can hog all the experience points and they can do so without much efforts. They can't really be sunk since they have super soft defense. And the game usually finish quickly because the "vet player" faces no serious oppsition from the other team. Being on the vet's team provides little benefits either, since the vet usually kills everything before they can rack up some serious attack. The result is that everyone, except for the vet player himself, got little from the battle. In short, the "vet" ruins the game for everyone.

Why don't the "vet players" play with other "vets"? Simple! Picking on a formidable opponent requires more effort, more time and more skill. If a vet wants quick exp points, preying on the lower level people is the way to go. He should play against gold-bars only if he wants a challenge. Sadly, "vets" spend most of their time leveling up their sailors. Thus they are seeking to rape the noob CL/CA/BB 90% of the time.

Let's switch to the noobs' side of the story. We have been raped by goldbar constantly. Also, we have been denied exp and $ for being a goldbar's teammates. Experience tells us that having a goldbar in our CL/CA/BB rooms is detrimental to everyone. With the goldbar, we earn almost nothing. Without the goldbar, everyone earns a lot more exp. No, we can never earn as much as a goldbar, but everyone earns decent amount of exp. In addition, we have a lot more fun! Instead of watching the vet sinking everything, we get to actually play!

It should be obvious that: It's either us or the vets. We cannot both gain experience. Either the vets or the "noobs" gets all the experience, but not both. It's either us or them.

The noobs possess the ultimate weapons against the vets. We can level cap the vets so that we can gain experience. Meanwhile, we are starving the vets. This seems like a win-win situation for the noobs, don't you think? Why should we not level cap the rooms?

So, the vets are threatening to leave? Tell me one thing. How does this hurt the noobs? We don't lose anything! You have provided the noobs with many tips and advice in the past, and I would like to thank you for doing that. But now that we know enough about NF to make intelligent choices on ships and sailors, we don't need the vets as much as we did before. To make things worse, we have come to realize that the only obstacle that stands between us and our next CA/BB1 is goldbar players. I don't want to say this straight. Yet, I must. We want you away from our rooms. We don't want to play with you.

Until the vets has discovered a new weapon against the noobs, they will be complaining a lot. Some of them will leave the game. Should the "noobs" be held responsible for that? I believe so. But again, given the choice of making a decent exp for himself, versus keeping the goldbars in the game, most will choose the former. It's just life.

Sorry to let the vets go. But we cannot co-exist. The game system doesn't allow us to strive together. Today, we have level capping. Today, we have the power to remove the vets. Therefore, we must take advantage of this opportunity today. No one can predict how TeamNF will change the game tomorrow. So pardon us for capping the games.

  • Re : Level Capping and veterans: An Analysis

    10. 23. 2005 10:03

chiddler, you are almost a vet now. Yet you don't see what is happening to the vets?

  • Re : Level Capping and veterans: An Analysis

    10. 23. 2005 10:02

xsniper040, there aren't enough "vets" on the server at any given time. They can start a "goldbars" only room, and wait for it to fill up to 5 vs 5 in say....30 minutes? They are therefore forced to play with the noobs.

Another thing is that the vets benefit the most when they play against noobs. Fast and easy experience points. Very handy. They don't gain exp as fast when they play against other goldbars.

  • Re : Level Capping and veterans: An Analysis

    10. 23. 2005 09:59


Oh, this thread isn't a joke?

  • Re : Level Capping and veterans: An Analysis

    10. 23. 2005 09:41

If goldbars want to fight against some one face people who are your lvls. Make rooms min caps, make it so no one under X lvl can join and that will solve the problem. I dont like getting slautered by lvl 70 to 110 in a game thats for dds or cls.

  • Re : Level Capping and veterans: An Analysis

    10. 23. 2005 09:31

I thought the game mode "Great Battle" does just that. Or does "Great Battle" only divides the credit among the teammates after battle?

Not all goldbar should be feared. But you'd better fear 95% of the goldbars out there. Goldbars must be feared unless they have been proven "innocuous".

  • Re : Level Capping and veterans: An Analysis

    10. 23. 2005 09:27

how about they make it so that the entire team has to work for their exp. in this i mean that how about TNF makes it so that after the end of the battle the exp is added together and then spreaded through out the entire team that way everyone gets a fair slice. this also allows lower lvl noobs to play with vets. and another thing. not all gold bars should be feared. i was in my new mexico just yesterday night and some one called me a noob cuz i couldnt aim. its a damn bb and my crew doesnt block shot, just cuz im gold bar doesnt mean nothing, i havnt even hit the lvl 70s yet so dont even think im uber or anything.

  • Re : Level Capping and veterans: An Analysis

    10. 23. 2005 09:13

Navy Field is in serious trouble. Vets have to do something about this game. Somehow you have to convince TeamNF to rework the exp system. Otherwise many of you will be forced out of NF. You may also want to get support from the noobs. Doing so requires some work on your part since the noobs have nothing at stake on this issue, yet.

But, the first thing you must do is to recognize and agree that NF is in bad shape. Many vets are still denying it. Either they lack the foresight to see their immediate doom, or that they just plan to quit this game soon.

Good luck.

  • Re : Level Capping and veterans: An Analysis

    10. 22. 2005 18:55

I cannot agree with any more. You are honestly right about the exp system. Personally I beleive that it is far from fair that players lose experienced from otherships Soft Defence for one. They did the damage so why not give the experience? Soft defence IS a good idea, but the value of attack needs to be added to the Soft Defence damage.

Also, the exponential experience system is just crazy. For example, going from level 119 to 120 is like going from levels 1-119. Anyone see the problem? When you jump 30-120k experience per level something is wrong. It doesn't matter how you look at it.

  • Re : Level Capping and veterans: An Analysis

    10. 22. 2005 18:50

I am not suggesting that vets should only play against themselves. In fact, they benefit the most when they play against lower level CL/CA/BB1. I believe my post has pointed that out.

I never stated level cap should stay. I think it should be removed entirely. But even if level caps are disabled, the noobs are still going to ban goldbar players from CA/BB games. You can modify the capping system all you want. In the end, what matters is whether the noobs are willing to playing against the vets. Thus, the question of whether TeamNF should remove level caps is a moot point.

The main source of problem is not level capping. It's the experience system. Noobs don't get extra reward for hurting/sinking a goldbar Guam. So why should we choose to play against a goldbar Guam when there is a 3/4 bar Guam in the room? You see. Goldbar players are not welcomed in many rooms because the noobs are selfish. 90% of the time, noob CL/CA/BB are going after exp gain. They play against goldbar only if they they feel like a challenge.

I don't think you can do anything about noobs being selfish. So I suggest you look at the exp system for a solution.

  • Re : Level Capping and veterans: An Analysis

    10. 22. 2005 18:40

it's the same in every game the new noob will ALLWAY'S loss out and the VET will get everything QUICKLY.

So good for all the new noob's that cap a room the last thing you what is a buck of noob's in there DD/CL game and 1 goldbar in his BLOCK shoot CL the noob's will have know chance.

Same go's for the no TW's games is pepole do not whant JAP ships say so we all know there are ships that can have more torps than a noob TW can have.

so to all just do not put no TW that will mean most of the ships in NF will be cheating say NO JAP TW's or MUST HAVE GUN'S no KUMA and so on it's not hard and it stop a lot of people geting upset best yet there's that thing on the Right hand side that turns on and of the torpiedo's

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