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  • Op Con and MiA fleet

    10. 22. 2005 11:33

Simply put they stack it,i have played multiply games with them and everytime they win. They go into a game and everytime the host is with them. I did have a pic but if got deleted cuz i had to restart computer after i crashed.....They go into a room and night,kai,1 other person all with z99 or z1 (that goes over 60+) are always on the same side. (P.S i'll be waiting the hating mail,so don't try anything smart.) They claim they aren't, BUT just because they have 1 or 2 guns doesn't mean they are slow,i owned a Z99 and a Z1,so i know what they can do(so stop trying to outsmart,cuz it doesn't work...) Just recently i was in a game and i got banned cuz it was stacked. I said they have 3 sw and they kept making up excuses,like oh no..he has guns this and he goes slow that,well,well,well call me what you want but trust me..theres absoluty no way in hell you can prove me wrong,sleepy warned you once night,and yet you STILL do it. Op Con should be REMOVED from the game and favor that it has only made it worst for others,we wouldnt have all theses problems if it wasn't for that game.(P.S. I'll be waiting for the hater mail and the oh your sure a bitch,don't like it get out...yes i know all the tricks and trade of hating a prove me wrong, I DARE YOU!)

  • Re : Op Con and MiA fleet

    10. 23. 2005 05:01

I was the FF 02/21 in that game. I did not play OP Convoy often (3 or 4 times maybe) but as i entered the room i saw that b-side would be winner side! And as they asked a FF to come over i was most willing to do so. It needed a very long time to form up for the game and all the time i was the only FF on B. On some Point A had 3. But they left after a while. There was much fluctuation anyway!
Through the game i was able to score a few points even if i was by far not the fastest ship! But this is not why they won. They won because of better coordination. Only one time in the entire game MiA lost the Middle for a moment but they reestablished control within seconds. The other team could have made points with a little more coordination and , maybe, a runner more. This is not MiA's fault. B became frustrated and thus allowing A to win without loosing a single point to A. (Yes, we obliterated them!) Of course, it would be nicer not to fight against a Clan. But anyone on A knew what they was up against.
I can only say that MiA showed a perfect example of teamwork (some of them even took a break!) and they welcomed me on they're side even as i was a complete Stranger to them incooperating me into the team.
For anyone crying loud about that game let me make an example: imagine a fristclass sportsclub in a game vs. a schoolteam in they're first game ever!
It would be interesting to see MiA playing against other Clans.
However it was most annoying for me to see the game crash upon exit! Dammit!

  • Re : Op Con and MiA fleet

    10. 23. 2005 04:35

Seeing as someone else has mention his name ( Witchmania ) I got TK by him for not spawn killing and running with box on an over stacked game ,as you seem to call it when some peeps get droped from game, coz i thought it was unfair on the other team.
I run a game the other day for MIA where the other team won round 1, round 2 was a draw, and we beat them by 1 box on last round, this was a very hard fought battle, and i do belive Exp was had by all, both on winning and loseing side, prob not as much as we !ALL! would have liked. But a damm fine game was had by all, which i think is the whole point of the game, forgive me if im wrong.

  • Re : Op Con and MiA fleet

    10. 23. 2005 03:43

I think this is a case for yourshepherd to check out... Pity he is on Vancouver...

  • Re : Op Con and MiA fleet

    10. 23. 2005 03:02

Say whatever you want to the game didnt start that way you are right, an ff came in a little later and you told him to come to bravo, but that doesnt mean it wasnt stacked. It was pretty obvious to everyone that was in the room that you were stacking except the noobs. You have to be pretty stupid or a complete noob to Op Convoy not to realize what was going on. You dont need 4 runners to win the game but when you havea runner, 3 uber Z99's and 2 good CL's against a easily outgunned opponent you will win 9 out of 10 games and you know it.Dont try to play it off as a clan op convoy team playing, either wait for the room to be balanced or dont start. Its kinda hard to balance it when you are banning the good players who are complaining because they wont tab and you then ban them for it.

  • Re : Op Con and MiA fleet

    10. 23. 2005 02:08

The MiA OC games are very slick - the thing is, they aren't doing anything illegal, but exploiting two inbuilt factors:

1) They have better co-ordination

Any coherent clan or fleet or group of players on the same wavelength knows there are times when being able to call for help, request a scout, or call out torp walls on voice are huge advantages. You see this in some All Welcome games when clanmates for little groups that cover each other and fight off a greater number/weight of less coordinated ships.

2) Op Convoy games are long, losers get no to mediocre exp, so people quit if things are going badly after the first round. More exp-hungry people are worse, they quit if things go bad in the first 5 minutes, or they realize the game is balanced, and therefore, exp will not likely exceed 2-3k

These people are in it for the exp, so when the face MiA, and MiA spirits away the first two boxes in 6 minutes, they leave. I've seen high level players do this (Witchemania among others). They leave, and suddenly their team is down a CL2/CA. MiA proceeds to continue walking all over them for the rest of the round.

By round 2, they're down a bunch of ships, now even those who aren't wanton exp whores aren't having too much fun, outnumbered, no prospect of scoring, and maybe even getting spawn-killed to boot.

By the end of round 2, the players on the winning team are resorting to bribing the few remaining ships on the other side to stick through round 3. If they retreat, the winners still get good exp. But if the remaining ships stay, the winning team can hustle crates unimpeded for the remainder of the game, racking up obscene exp. One way to guaruntee this is for some trustworthy clan members to take turns playing on the other side.

The clearest exploit of this tendency is to make a long game (3 X 20, 5 X 15)... if people get trashed in the first round or two, they won't stick around for another 40+ minutes. I never retreat from 30 minute or 45 minute games, but a game that long gives me pause.

so.... Team B are MiA, first 15 minutes are well played, hard fought, and completely pwn Team A. By the third period, Team A consists of 2 MiA players and some stubborn players or n00bs who don't know what's going on. Cue 3 periods of all-out crate running.


A clan doesn't even have to be involved, it just makes it easier to coordinate. Oftentimes, this cycle happens by itself. I was in one 3 x 20 minute game where we were balanced, but thanks to crashes, quitters, and a well played first 10 minutes, Alpha was down to 1 afk DD and 1 DDX who decided to humour us and stay. We ran a full 10 crates in round 2, and 7 or 8 in round 1 and 3 netting 17k exp.

And all it takes to get that much exp is to play well for 10 minutes and scare off most of the opposing team.

  • Re : Op Con and MiA fleet

    10. 23. 2005 00:03

Ditto Micuu....but then again, my post on an auto-balancing suggestion, is another suggestion to correct this problem

  • Re : Op Con and MiA fleet

    10. 22. 2005 23:27

Part of the problem is that losing isn't worth it. You get less for lossing a 30-45 minute Op convoy then losing a 10 minute regular battle. If the losers got something substansive, there would probably be less stacked games, and a whole hell of a lot less retreating.

  • Re : Op Con and MiA fleet

    10. 22. 2005 23:17

If it is a glitch that is causing you to crash in op convoy games, and then it is this crashing that causing games to be unbalanced and not the fault of the host then the solution is simple, and I am suprised no one has seen it when it is staring in your face, DO NOT RETREAT from OP CONVOY Games, that should fix the problem following your analysis of the problem, No?

  • Re : Op Con and MiA fleet

    10. 22. 2005 22:42

ts not hosts that stack most of the games its the glitch that makes you crash if you retreated last op convoy. I'bve been in games where they were balanced perfectly and then one team loses 4 cl's and their runner, while the other team just loses a ndd. Then people start leaving crying foul that it was stacked when its a glitch (or an addon) in the game that shouldn't be there, because its causing much more damage than its fixing.

  • Re : Op Con and MiA fleet

    10. 22. 2005 19:34

I don't think he's lying. I believe Ninjutsu. Op Con always happens this way. The host ALWAYS stacks his team. NDDs join too and guess what team they get stuck on...huh? Am I right or am I right?

Get rid of Op Con...its an embarrassment to us regular players who won't cheat and stack. There shouldn't be a host to these games.
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