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  • Overheat bar (inc Pic)

    05. 21. 2008 23:23

I just wanted to touch on this issue again that bootleg has already covered.
But trying to incorperate his 2 different posts together

By using a bar line up the top both OH and OH damage can be recorded.

- Full line (light)= the amount of OH you start with
- Second colour (dark) = how much OH you have currently have available
- Arrow = decreases as more OH engine damage (loss of endurance) is caused and
your OH can restore to. (in the same way as the health line works with reps and SD.)

Bar description text can be added as an optional.
Bar colour can be blue, black, yellow or what ever colour suites best

Depending on the backend code used this bar should be quite easily implemented
with out
restricting any other options, features or GUIs.


  • Re : Overheat bar (inc Pic)

    03. 08. 2011 14:24

+1 bump and rcd again :D

  • Re : Overheat bar (inc Pic)

    03. 06. 2011 06:43

Couldn't they just put an engine temperature gauge around the speedometer?
It would be nice to know when the engines are fully cooled down and ready for maximal

  • Re : Overheat bar (inc Pic)

    03. 06. 2011 06:38

Nice reccomended

  • Re : Overheat bar (inc Pic)

    03. 06. 2011 06:10


  • Re : Overheat bar (inc Pic)

    03. 06. 2011 06:04

reccomended! number 225! good work dallion , hope it gets ingame...

  • Re : Overheat bar (inc Pic)

    03. 06. 2011 05:29

very nice!!!

  • Re : Overheat bar (inc Pic)

    03. 06. 2011 04:21

bump +1 and rcd

  • Re : Overheat bar (inc Pic)

    03. 02. 2011 16:24


This or something along those lines is a good idea. Also over 200 people have recc;
perhaps you should take notice NF?

  • Re : Overheat bar (inc Pic)

    01. 02. 2011 04:49

It sounds like you start with a full bar, then as you use the OH, it goes down, and is
shown on the bar. Which is a good idea.

But it also sounds like, the more you use it, the less you can go OH further down the
line. like with the restore bar decreasing your repair point. This part i dont like.

What i would like it to be is: When you use the OH, the bar goes down, but then can
recharge to full after depleated, or when you stop using it.

ONE THING THOUGH! Keep in mind, that when you first start the match, you can go
OH for a vary long time, and after you come off that original OH, you can never go
OH for that long the entire match again. AND if you don't use that original begining
OH, it goes away. Like if you just start off and dont use the OH, you lose that
extended ammount of time, it is not saved until you need to OH your engines... i
know this because i have tested it. (much easier to tell when you have elite
engineers, and can go 40 OH (tested on H39)

  • Re : Overheat bar (inc Pic)

    12. 29. 2010 21:54

recommended. :)
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