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  • USN Battleships Guide

    08. 01. 2008 12:46

So, with all the spare time I have on campus doing nothing (not to mention the frustration
of rarely ever fighting a worthy opponent in-game whenever I even bother to play), I
thought that I'd spend some of that spare time writing a USN BB guide.

First and foremost, the reason that I'm writing this isn't because Ar2's guide sucks, but
rather that it's horribly outdated, plus it has no information at all on the Northampton line
of BBs (well, I guess that could count under certain definitions of "suck"). The objective of
this guide is to remedy that problem and provide players with an up-to-date source for
using a USN BB. Not necessarily better information, since Ar2 has far more experience
playing than I do, but at least more coverage and updated.

And since I've provided and updated information for more than a single sticky *cough*,
you get to have the privilege of scrolling down to the next post to read what I have to

sticky watts1875

  • Re : USN Battleships Guide

    06. 10. 2011 22:46

thanks forthis guide...

makes me wanna switch to

  • Re : USN Battleships Guide

    12. 26. 2010 21:19


  • Re : USN Battleships Guide

    12. 15. 2010 09:55

As always your guides are comprensive, and perhaps definitive "bibles" more than
guides. Thanks for taking the time to write this. I chose to use a
Pensacola/Sevastapol to grind past the AK/Guam...I tried to use the AK per your
guide, but found that I kept getting blasted...far sooner than I would have thought.
So...I chose to grind past them.

I'm in a Colorado now, and the work was worth it. While the 16"s are only 8
barrels, you're right...they do deliver a hell of a lot of punch.

  • Re : USN Battleships Guide

    12. 12. 2010 19:10

can anybody gave me some guide that use usn ships?

  • Re : USN Battleships Guide

    12. 10. 2010 11:56

great guide LK, as always. I refer back to it constantly along with your FF-CA guide.

  • Re : USN Battleships Guide

    11. 07. 2010 21:00

need info on mississippi! lol jk ill just look at the NW guide. still the 16'' guns on the
mississippi rocks and i raging bulled a QV :P lol

  • Re : USN Battleships Guide

    10. 31. 2010 17:53

i rather to follow this USN BB Guides,this is very cool ^^..........

  • Re : USN Battleships Guide

    10. 31. 2010 16:51

The Arizona was a Pennsylvania class ship. Close enough?

  • Re : USN Battleships Guide

    10. 31. 2010 15:19

Do they make an Arizona?

  • Re : USN Battleships Guide

    10. 18. 2010 00:35

Great guide LK, really helped me with my crew. Already 112 because of this guide and a
complete nebby crew, though a +11 BVE crew isn't worth boasting about still had a great
start and only been playing for 5 months. thanks again LK.
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