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  • Torping Do's and Dont's for everyone (even if you hate torps).

    10. 23. 2005 00:39

Yes, this should probably be in tips and tactics, but to get it read (and maybe the knowledge used) it is here. Appologies to the Forum Police.

Whether you are a torp whore or just out to do some major damage quickly torpedos are usually the weapon of choice. However, some people do not know how, or when to launch these deadly fish.

I will give you suggestions on how to torp, but first, let's discuss the dont's.

If you are behind your teammates, DON'T TORP. Also, before typing anything in chat, make sure the actual chat window has popped up BEFORE YOU HIT THE SPACE BAR!

Learn how torp ships work, in other words, if a kuma, a kita, or fubu is closer to the enemy, DO NOT go between them. Do not torp behind them! Their charge is just a feint to get in close, they will be turning back around and trying to get away after dropping their torps. Kumas and kitas warrant extra care as they must turn their ship 180 degrees (face the other way) before they can launch their other sets of torps. You charging in there to get some good exp will likely just get you a few torps in the backside. Most times torps just cripple ships, and aren't slow moving targets much easier to hit???

Oh my! A lone enemy ship!
If you and your team has an enemy surrounded, don't torp to get the kill. Those torps have to go somewhere and usually it is into an allied ship as well as into your exp. Yes, hitting an ally with your torps will get you a nice big fat exp penalty.

Let's move on to the Do's.

First, if you are new to torping, try torping in some missions as this will get you used to them. Which brings me to my Torping For Dummies Section. Pressing 'T' activates your torp mounts ('R' brings your guns back on line). You can set your torp launchers to fire a wide or narrow spread ['N' is a toggle for this] and also fast [toggle hotkey 'H'](less range) or slow (more range but easier to dodge). To fire your torp launchers one at a time press 'F4' until Gradual Mode appears. This turns it from an all or nothing gambit to a more tactical weapon.

Hitting a ship broadside ~~~~=====> ||
causes more damage than hitting the bow or aft ~~~~=====> ==.

Try to imagine yourself in the other ship when torping (Heck, he may be getting ready to torp you...) and fire where you think his ship will be. Is he in a fast ship? Then he will probably try to overheat to dodge your torps, lead him a bit more than you would normally do. Is he in a slow/damaged ship? He may come to a dead stop to dodge them, lead less (aim for his nose). Coming at you fast? Hold your fire until you are certain he cannot dodge and let 'em go! Just watch your torp arming distances...

I hope this helps some and helps to prevent some TK (Team Killing).


  • Re : Torping Do's and Dont's for everyone (even if you hate torps).

    10. 23. 2005 01:19