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    10. 23. 2005 05:06

1 vs *

You've seen 'em. Probably played in 'em. The question was raised recently if it was an Arranged Battle, and the concensus was no. At first I agreed. Hell, I ran a few of these myself. Then I decided to dust off the ole DD and have a go at a CL.

Guess what? Banned, banned again, banned again. Why? I can only assume that I represented a variable in their equation that they didn't like. The odds weren't quite so stacked in their favor. THE OUTCOME OF THE BATTLE WAS NO LONGER GUARANTEED. And just to point out, I was not in a Z99. Anyone that has every played against me knows I am not THAT much of a threat in any ship...

My ship in this SS is a Tribal but this stacker banned me before my ship loaded. This was also attempt 2 to get in the room, the first time I was the 3rd DD in.

My opinion of this is if you are going to run a 1 vs * and you are the '1' you should not be able to pick and choose your opponents. You dont want torps? Make it a no torp room, then you cannot torp them either. No TW is your preference? Fine, don't be one yourself and even if they have the level 1 guns on a fubu you should not be allowed to kick them. PERIOD!

Yes the new DD's can be very powerful, in some cases almost too much so. But nobody is forcing you to make a 1 v * room. You want to play that kind of game? Then play it, as they come in. "Oh no! But I may lose my precious CL before I do a lot of damage!" Guess what Bub, we all take that chance every time we enter a balanced room. But then, I guess you stackers wouldn't know a balance if it bit you on your arse. These are the guys that jump teams right before the host tabs. These are the guys that retreat from Op Cons if their team misses the first box. If you don't want to risk your ship get a neutral DD and go play the beginner mission.

To summerize; Grow up and get a set of balls or go play your nintendo using all your cheat codes so you don't have to face a challenge. You make me sick.



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    10. 23. 2005 08:13

Yes, the M-Pro's who use triple 5.9" are rather silly. The 6.75" do enough damage even with Light HE to make up for that extra cannon. You can do 500 damage a shell to a DD with 6.75", but only about 250-300 with 5.9".

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    10. 23. 2005 05:49

I really don't know why people join these games, isn't it OBVIOUS that the lone player knows something you guys don't.

I see Mklai making these rooms and he's in a bloody armour whored battleship and morons in DD's still go in there.

Same with DD vs CL games, most the CL's are CL2's loaded up with shortrange hard hitting rapid fire guns whilst fully armoured and the torp spam they put out is just stupid especially when the title says "NO TW" yet you see brooks/cleves etc launching 15 torp salvoes at the first DD rush.

It's fun going in DD vs CL in a Z99 because all the CL's are there to rape short range and sucked at long range, then they'd come on the forums and whine about the Z99 when the fact is they handicapped themselves.

For example Triple 5.9" M-Pros, you guys make me want to smack my head into a brick wall.

1st KM is the range nation Triple 5.9" != range
2nd Triple 5.9" do CRAP DAMAGE
3rd You can't armour whore