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  • Brooklyn vs. Northampton: READ HERE

    09. 30. 2008 16:11

So, it recently occurred to me, why is there not already a thread like this here, given how
frequently this question is asked? Well, despite all the explanations that have been given
over the years, not many have been sticky-worthy, so I guess I'll pick up the stick and write
a sticky-worthy post explaining the differences between the two lines, and the ships
themselves. And hell, might as well go for holding the record for most stickies, right?

Now, while most people who do bother to search can just look at either of my two stickies
for much more detailed information, most people don't seem to bother to do so, so I may as
well put this up for people to read. It may as well cut down on the headaches that we get
in the future.

As always, stuff in the below posts in case I need to modify something.

  • Re : Brooklyn vs. Northampton: READ HERE

    06. 07. 2011 04:18

The Northhampton line has very slow ships and it takes a long time to level up

The Brooklyn line is better i think because it can take 8 `` doubles and its much faster

  • Re : Brooklyn vs. Northampton: READ HERE

    03. 21. 2011 18:03

I used both ships, and set both ships up with different armour/gun variations, and
hands down, the Brooklyn is the better of the two ships!!!!!!!!!

  • Re : Brooklyn vs. Northampton: READ HERE

    03. 04. 2011 21:31

me personally i love my brooklyn and i personally think that the way i have mine set up i
could easily take out a northhampton but thats just me

  • Re : Brooklyn vs. Northampton: READ HERE

    02. 27. 2011 20:43

With my first crew, I went with the "Brooklyn" line. So far it has been a decent trip.
Everyone loves the Brooklyn CL for it's firepower. I honestly didn't think it was that
great. The Cleveland was interesting, it seemed inferior and I was CA food most of
the time. The Baltimore was a load of fun, it really has helped in getting me used to
BB combat. I am now in the Alaska, and I have to say, it SUCKS. When it connects, it
is some-what gratifying, yet it is usually all over the place, it is slow, and it is SO
FREAKING HUGE. I am decent at dodging DB's, but DB's come at me all the time
(when there are good CV players out there). I haven't played in a Nevada and hear
that they at least used to suck, if not still do, but the Northampton and the Portland
and the New Orleans (with the exception of the Baltimore) seem way better than
the Brook and Cleveland. Im raising up a second U.S. crew and will be sending them
down the "Northampton" line even though it isn't known to be great either.

  • Re : Brooklyn vs. Northampton: READ HERE

    02. 10. 2011 05:13

Read this guide prior to selecting my Hamp, but no regrets.

My observations so far:

1.) It is true that you sacrifice speed and reload time (if sticking with 8 incher guns);
if you choose to use the max 8 inch gun, it takes 4+ secs of reload - still not good
enough when going face to face with a DDX with 5 inch rapid fire (1.4 secs reload
time at gradual shots). So it is indeed a range game for this ship.
2.) Make sure you have gunners at +10 lvls vs. your BO. This guarantees that you
will be able to select the gun that would feel right for you at the right speed, reload
and range.
3.) CV opponents will treat you as a BB1 or BB2 because of your damaging power -
which means you will get torp-bombed or dive-bombed more often than not. So
make sure your B-shell has AA artillery, just in case. This I learned the hard way -
after sinking 4 to 5 enemy ships, I come accross DB and TB planes and I go poof!
4.) Very hard to armor the Hamp because of the gun size-weight trade-off. What to
do? I try to balance belt and deck, not too much though. The trick here is to make
sure you have 2 reps to offset the first few hits.

Main strategy: Keep it in range, always. Get D or L guns - as you see fit, but always
be aware of your range. I always try to work with a DD or CL companion (as escort,
so to say). This ship teaches you to properly line up and aim - and is a very good
simulation of early BB play.

  • Re : Brooklyn vs. Northampton: READ HERE

    01. 23. 2011 06:21

good explanation

  • Re : Brooklyn vs. Northampton: READ HERE

    01. 20. 2011 10:48

Thanks for taking the time to put the information down for others to consider!

  • Re : Brooklyn vs. Northampton: READ HERE

    08. 05. 2010 13:05

I made the choice to go with the brooklyn... and as said as it seems... i went
from a broo to a baltimore... and i think i'm going to go back to the brook.
while i have a large range with the balt... i like the forepower i am able to
deliever with the brook.

  • Re : Brooklyn vs. Northampton: READ HERE

    07. 20. 2010 10:30

northapmton the distance and win in the confrontation near brooklyn

  • Re : Brooklyn vs. Northampton: READ HERE

    06. 30. 2010 10:01

nice info thx :p
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