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  • [REQ] APA guide

    12. 04. 2008 14:04

Hmmm, those apa subject and some content describes mainly about their role.
What they really do.
What benefit they are for .
I wasnt able to find the basic mechanism on how to play APA.
If there is one, i will delete as soon as i read a confirmation. If not, would any of you
describe how to use them plz?
So most newbie APA are ready and acknowledge few things

Edit How to use them plz? So most newbie APA are ready and acknowledge few

  • Re : [REQ] APA guide

    04. 04. 2011 23:35

never used an APA before, but I would think 1 bo 2 gunners 1 highlv engy 1 landing
force? [Ps. do thay have a speed cap? what is it?]

  • Re : [REQ] APA guide

    04. 04. 2011 19:42

For APA to be functional in HA it needs a Landing Force, you make those by training to 12,
class to special force, then keep leveling till landing, which i believe is 30

  • Re : [REQ] APA guide

    04. 04. 2011 09:38


optional crew coud be nice

  • Re : [REQ] APA guide

    04. 04. 2011 00:23

what supports does a apa need

  • Re : [REQ] APA guide

    12. 05. 2008 01:35

sindh read my guide again, it says:

The only differance in these amphibious assault ships is nothing really.

wich means nothing, displacment is the same on all 4.

  • Re : [REQ] APA guide

    12. 05. 2008 00:52

I'd rather use airlifting forces...

  • Re : [REQ] APA guide

    12. 04. 2008 14:54

apa ships.
I. What differance are there in nations?
II. What are they good for?
III. Why do i want one?
IV. How can i deploy it usefull in HA?
V. Is it usefull in GB/blitz?

I. The only differance in these amphibious assault ships is nothing really. The sailors
deployed on these ships must have high potential.

II. These ships are good for AA, and landings for HA. lets focus on the HA part. in the
old days, when u wanted to caputre a harbour, you could either destroy it lose all
the production and invest money in it. but with using landing troops. you are only
taking the harbour over in command, and not losing that mutch production, wich
concludes in less investment.

III. Whenever you have the change to play HA, its good to have more ships then 1.
HA=/=GB. when u die in GB you go to your harbour, repair ur ship and go again. now
since its HA and the devs wanted to make this more intresting. they removed that
function. so if you have only 1 ship WHILE attacking, and you die. youre doomed for
the rest of the time. now if you have more then 1, then it doesnt really matter if you
die, you just get a new one. THAT is why you want one of these.

IV. so now youve made it this far your wondering, how the h*ll am i supposed to
move this turtle to the other end of the map. (they are slow, trust me). now what
you want to do, is either BH as jasson stated, or lay back behind the BB's, AA the
scout of the enemy's and make some production of yourself. then when the area is
clear you proceed to the end of the map, and start capturing the harbour.

V. Yes and NO, since you got 5 guns, with enough place to put some nice AA on you
can do that in GB, and maybe do some production for your team, in blitz you still
have the 5 gunslots, but now it aint enough, you cant wield anything bigger than 5
inches, and because ur gunners are under level 60. they are not going to reload
fast. if you want to deploy it in blitz ONLY do that if you need 6 sailors leveld up.
since it has 6 support slots.


  • Re : [REQ] APA guide

    12. 04. 2008 14:36

Hmm that clears some confusion I had. Thx
Anyone who got other tips are welcome to complete this small guide!

  • Re : [REQ] APA guide

    12. 04. 2008 14:26

simple.. only in HA would you use them really.. they are a deadend BO ship line... they
often make a good AA boat though.. and in HA they are the only ship you need to get to the
other side of the map to win/claim that tile for your fleet

when attacking the harbor you can put a landingforce sailor on it and crash it into the
harbor island and stop and they damage the defences...

a lot of noob fleets also try to boarderhump with them to clear the other side in hopes of
winning the tile

other then that they aren't really worth taking up a space in your harbor