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  • TW Guide (Sima/Fubu) Blitzkrieg Tactics By Avacado!

    02. 25. 2009 16:57

I would like to start by saying thank you for all of the people that have
inspired me to re-write this guide. I wrote the original over 2 years ago and got a
tremendous responce. With that said, this guide will be geared (For Now) at
becoming a successful TW in Blitzkrieg. I try to be a perfectionist, and will try to
make the most in depth guide I can make, however I understand that I will end up
leaving a few things out that I either missed, or didn't think was needed for this
guide. Please do not flame this guide as it is intended to help new torpers make
their way through Blitz.

There will be many things in this guide that apply both to a Fubuki and a
Simakaze TW, I will be focusing the 1st part of the guide on the 1st True TW
available to the IJN nation, the Fubuki. Before you even leave port in your brand
spanking new TW, you must understand that there are RULES to being an
accomplished TW.

*Laws Of TWing*

You may agree or not to these laws, however this is my guide, and they are what I
believe every TW must follow in order to become a veteran Torper.

1. A TW does not use guns of any kind.... NONE, Period! (IF YOU HAVE GUNS THEN YOU ARE
2. A TW's best ally is speed, every knot of speed is needed when TWing, that means
no armor, and running thin on crews that ability doesn't apply to (I.E. BO's).
*Edit Chisame Post*
If you wish to add a tad of armor, then so be it as long as it does not effect speed.
3. You can TW with an auto FCS, but in order to be effective you need manual, and
since Accuracy revision doesn't apply to torps, use the Finder FCS with the longest
search range.
4. Gradual fire.... You should ALWAYS be using gradual fire, you will never have 200+
torpedo's therefore every shot counts, if you need more then 1 tube, press
spacebar again.
5. Never fire at behind your allies, or at a target where your allied ships are located,
unless your can guarentee the shot. Remember a ship can die with 1 torp leaving
the rest to hit friendlies. I don't care if the shot is perfect, Negative XP isn't worth
the TK, take your time and wait for a good shot.
*Edit Nopyo Post*
You can add a SS FCS to lower your weight and possibly increase your speed by a small
amount, however the reason that I recommend the DD2 Finder FCS is for the search range,
It has the longest search range of any FCS, there by giving you the ability to spot your
enemy a second before he can spot you, and in a TW that will make all the difference.

*Recommended Sailor Configuration*

Considering that Torpedo skill is the most important to Torpers, it is natural that you
will want to have +12 to the torpedo skill. Because it has been tested over and over
again and reload stat has proven NOT to be a factor in Torpedo reload speed, I am
recommending that your second most desired ability be AAW. A perfect set of
torpers would be 12/11 Torp/AAW in my opinion. With that said, if your going
straight TW line you should use 2 engies, and 2 seamen.
*Edit Chisame Post*
Ghosting sailors (Skeleton Crews/No Recruits) will help shave some added weight and
increase your speed, just keep in mind the crews ability, later in levels ghosting crew
will hurt the ability of your sailors, and decrease your performance. A safe bet is to
ghost until you see your engies adding alot to Overheat, and your torpers reloading almost
on top of each other.

- 1 BO +15 Potential
- 2 Torpers 12/11 Torpedo/AAW (Nuff said, Torpedo is the only ability that affects
reload for torpers)
- 2 Engies (Speed is one of the Laws!)
- 2 Seamen (To help with engine, and torpedo abilities)
*Edit Nopyo Post*
I do not believe the addition of a scout is worthy of a sub, and ill tell you why.... a
Scout wastes Torp space for one, the thing nopyo forgot is that this is a Fubu/Sima
guide, neither of which can scout, but if they could, this is what i would tell you.
1. If you are following the laws, your speed whored, and in a blitz game, you are usually
on the enemy right about the time a scout would get there.
2. wastes a valuable crew slot, I hate to say it, but a TW leaches scouting.

*The Fubuki*

Before you step out of port with your spanking new TW, you need to understand the
armament of the ship, here are the lists of the possible Torpedo tubes, and
Torpedo's that can be used with the Fubuki TW ship.

Now that your familiar with the Tubes/Torps that can be mounted on your ship, you
need to establish what the best configuration is best for your ship. The best setup
by far are the Type 90's, due to their relatively decent range,speed, and damage.
The max speed of the Type 8's is 46 Knots, and most ships in blitz can outrun them.
3 or 4 tubes, it's your preference, I prefer 4 (Use 4 if your a bad shot, lol).

It is to be expected that you can only mount what your torpers level permits, but be
aware that you will be in the Simakaze by the time you are able to move on from the
Type 90's so if your stuck with Type 8's until you have the proper level, don't worry it
will come fast.

Before you start playing in Blitz with your new Fubu, there are a few things you
MUST know in order to be effective.

1. Learn the arming range of your torps..... No one wants to hit a hull and hear a
2. Learn the distance from the time of firing till auto-detonation when your torps are
set to Slow & Fast, Without knowing the range of your torps, you won't know what
a good target is.

I recommend playing with a friend, or the Incompacitated BB mission to get familiar.

*Live Fire TW Strategy & Practicum*

Starting position is key to being near the most amount of "Meat" and for being in the
best alignment for the "Initial Torp Wall". Try to position yourself at the top of either
Alpha or Bravo as this is where the majority of ships will gravitate towards during
the game. Of course this can change, if more targets are located south before the
match begins, then get good placement relative to them.

*The Torp Wall (5 & Out)*

After your ship is setup, you are familiar with your armament, you know your ranges,
and you are in the pre battle room in a good starting position comes the option
to "Initial Torp Wall". I leave it to your discretion if walling is something that you
wish to do or not, but I do it and for good reasons. If you do not wish to torp wall,
skip this section.

1. A chance to hit the enemy while he cannot see your torps until it's too late.
2. A corraling effect, while the enemy is running, he's not firing at you.
3. Reload time, by the time that your torps have auto detonated, and the enemy is
re-oriented, you should almost be reloaded. Seeing as how the Fubuki can carry a
few salvo's and the high probably of an early demise in blitz, it can't hurt, and you'll
have plenty left for personal torping.

*Personal Torping (1v1)*

This part of the guide is a bit more complex.... The art of 1v1 torping is best learned
through practice, however there are a few basic principles that can help aid you in
your quest towards pwnerdom. (On vacation in NYC, will add pictures when I get

1. Leading your target... Nuff said, you cannot aim at where the target currently is,
and expect it to be there by the time your torps reach the target. Aim where you
anticipate the target will be. This ties into knowing the speed, arming range and distance
your torps will travel. Without knowing so, you cannot even begin to be successful at

2. Knowing your enemy.... Knowing the speed and capabilities of your opponent, can
greatly increase your success rate. It sounds wack, but if you know a certain
opponent has a higher talent, and a better chance of dodging your attack, you
would most likely be better off choosing another target. Likewise, know the speed
and turning forces of the different ships you will be attacking. This will help you in
determining wether or not they will be able to avoid your torps or not.

3. Positioning.... The best angle of attack is when your opponent is facing you, or
turning into you, conversley, the worst angle would be your opponent running from
you. If your enemy is angled into your wave, they will have to turn away, and you
can guess which way they will turn leaving a nice set of beautiful torps in their path.
Try to avoid torping enemies where you are chasing, or they are heading in the
opposite direction as you will have a lower chance of hitting them.

Now that you have learned a few 1v1 tips it's time to get into the best TWing DD in the

*The Simakaze*

Since your torpers should be a high enough level by this point, I will leave out the Type
8, and Type 90 Launcher and torpedo's. The most practical torpedo's and launchers for the
Simakaze can be found in the images below.

The bread and butter for the Simakaze in my opinion is the Type 93 M1-Mod 2 Torpedo....
and rightly so for the following reasons...
*Edit Steelbreeze Post*
I agree that the Type 93 M3 Mod 2's are better then the Type 93 M1's however you do not
obtain the 3 tube 93 launchers until level 48, by that time I fully expect the TW to be in
a Kuma-Kai. Also understand that like you said, you sacrifice a tad of range for more
damage, but your playing in blitz remember, most things will pop with the M91's anyway ;p

1. Good damage output for Blitz level ships, 8074 HE damage is enough to disable even the
best CA or CL with a few in the hull.
2. This is the most important IMO, 60 knots on Fast.... At 60 knots, these torpedo's can
chase down even the fastest running DD.
3. Range, 16k is not the best, however it's enough to do an initial wall after the 5 and
out, and gives you enough leway to not have to be humping the enemy ship.
4. All around, this is the Sima's best friend, it's available at an early level in the 3
tube variety, and posesses average range and moderate damage though the speed is the key.

*In Game Demonstration*

Below is a video (Not the best quality, sorry) of an average game in my Simakaze, I show
an initial wall, though I layed it to early because I was distracted, and my 1v1 play
style. Note the angles I use when torping targets and the placement ahead in anticipation
of where the enemy will be. You will have to cut and paste this video into your browser as
the NF website does not allow Hyperlinks.

This is the end of the Fubuki/Simakaze TWing guide, most of the basic principles that I
use are covered in the Fubuki section with the addition of the useful configuration of the
Simakaze in it's section. I believe watching the video will help tie together most of the
strategies that I spoke of, and will give you a video reference as to how I do it. Some
games are better then others, some are worse, but following these tips and strategies WILL
greatly improve your odds of success..... Look for a Kitakami guide in the future.

Lastly, If you feel that I have left anything out, or want content added to this guide,
please leave a reply, and I will do my best to correct errors, update incorrect material,
or add content.

Last Edited *Wednesday, February 25th 2100*


  • Re : TW Guide (Sima/Fubu) Blitzkrieg Tactics By Avacado!

    02. 16. 2011 10:31

i admit its a usefull taktic i hate it when other people use it against u but its kinda
hard to get good torpers and spaces for them i prefer a mix torps for short range and
medium and guns for long an medium becouse its easier for low lev players becouse they
have slow moving torps so the enemy can outrun them easily or dodge them

  • Re : TW Guide (Sima/Fubu) Blitzkrieg Tactics By Avacado!

    12. 11. 2010 18:14


  • Re : TW Guide (Sima/Fubu) Blitzkrieg Tactics By Avacado!

    12. 09. 2010 08:59

im new to NF, and after reading this short guide by avocado I fell in love with my sima =)

can't wait for my kita ^_^

  • Re : TW Guide (Sima/Fubu) Blitzkrieg Tactics By Avacado!

    11. 29. 2010 02:09

Since TW dont works fine in GB now, dont go TW unless you want go SS.

  • Re : TW Guide (Sima/Fubu) Blitzkrieg Tactics By Avacado!

    08. 13. 2010 19:25

Heh. It can be hard to tell since if these guides are working properly, you get silence.

I lean towards M1 mod3 and M3 mod3 (if you can fit them) for Kitas in hobbit war.
Hilariously huge firepower, and enough range to cross most of the map in slow mode. The
lack of speed means that the more skilled players can evade them, though.

  • Re : TW Guide (Sima/Fubu) Blitzkrieg Tactics By Avacado!

    08. 13. 2010 08:38

Avacado, great guide. You might consider updating the guide for the new Blitz "Hobbit
War" maps (aka "Kita's Dream"). There are some new tactics which have evolved and
could probably revise discussion of "which torps do I fit for Hobbit".

  • Re : TW Guide (Sima/Fubu) Blitzkrieg Tactics By Avacado!

    08. 05. 2010 15:08

Is this guide still being read, and if so is anyone gaining anything by it?

Just curious...


P.S. Der, you posted on my birthday!!! ;p

  • Re : TW Guide (Sima/Fubu) Blitzkrieg Tactics By Avacado!

    07. 19. 2010 23:20

any new torper needs to read this

  • Re : TW Guide (Sima/Fubu) Blitzkrieg Tactics By Avacado!

    04. 27. 2010 07:12

Great guide. Not meaning to necro, but a few things have changed and one of those is
the autoaim buff. Post=buff driving a Sima has become a lot more challenging. Where
before your zig-zags would make you very hard to hit, if there are 2 or more boats firing
at you you will take a lot of hits.

Also I might add that the golden angle for torping is when the enemy ship is facing you
and you are horizontal to that ship. If they are close enough, they are dead.

I prefer the M3 type 2 torps as the 12k of damage 1-shots many dd and some CL. The
enemy underestimates the power and thinks they can take a couple of torps and no
problem. The range is very short so you need to get up close and personal.

Expect to make a lot of enemies this way and use this to your advantage to lure the big
bb or ca away from their fleet so that their fleet can be destroyed and then they are an
easy target.

  • Re : TW Guide (Sima/Fubu) Blitzkrieg Tactics By Avacado!

    03. 26. 2010 10:26

Is it possible that they nerfed Torp XP since the last patch without telling us?
Before that I used my Kita as a levelling machine, now the effort is not worth it anymore...
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