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  • Guide: oyodo

    10. 23. 2005 16:08

Because of the increasing population of oyodos, I have decided to make this guide. this is
not a guide on how to operate an oyodo (make planes fly and such) but more a tactical guide.

1:What to load on such a small CV? different configurations are possible. the best one ive
tried are: 5 fighters/5 bombers (one pilot each, plus another bomber/fighter if you want
to; good for all welcome games and a few CVs) 3 Fighters/6 bombers (1 fighter pilot plus 2
bomber pilots; good for games with only 2 to 4 CVs) or 8 fighters and 3 bombers (2 fighter
pilots and 1 bomber pilot; good for games with lot of cv).

***NOTE*** last setting, since the cv cap, is only good for 3 teams games, since 3 teams
gamescan have 9 CVS (the formula is 3*nb of teams :-) )

2: What to target?

Your target (for bombers) should be in the folowing order (from lower to higher priority):
1: CL1
2: CL2 /kuma (and its remodels)
3: CA
4: Oyodos
5: Battleships/Battlecruisers, flattops (always pick the bigger ones)

Howerver, many factors influence your choice of targets: does it have AA? does it have
fighter cover? Will my bombs damage him (in the case of high lvl BBs/CVs)? does it have a
high AAW rate? If a target is very juicy (ie a flatop) it will generally have good fighter
cover and AA. if it does, dont attack it, since you will probably lose your whole bomber
squad without sinking it. BBs are also very juicy, but they hold a lot of AAW, generally
have a huge ammount of aa guns and are sometimes escorted by AA ships or fighters. again,
dont attack them if they are heavily covered. this applies especially in the first few
minutes of the game, as the first thing CVs will do (generally) is to send fighters up.
while you cant attack them, try and go for smaller targets, for exemple kumas wich rush
forward. they generally deal huge loads of damage for your team even for their relatively
small tac points value. if you got nothing else to attack (or you simply cant afford to
lose 4 DBs) even go for CL1, if you have to.

3: how to use fighters

a) do not make them circle over a big ship! it will be totally useless as the ship will
already have been bombed before your fighters can do anything, and they even might be shot
down by friendly AA.

b) position them where you know planes are going to go near to. for instance, about half
distance between the island and the south border is a target-rich environment. however,
keep and eye on things: you might have to manually intercept them.

c) they have short range, so dont send them across the map or you will lose them.

d) keep them full of experts and vets so they can shoot down planes faster (1st fighters
suck for every nation, and especially jap ones)

e) try not to get in a fight with high lvl fighters, they will own you. you can regognize
them by the fact that they are more then you, that they go faster then you, or that they
just took off from big CVs.

4: Should i keep guns and torpedoes?
yes! generally, flattops dont have guns (some have small guns, but nothing big enough to
defend itself), and you can protect them from sneaky DDs or of bigger ships (mostly in the
final quarter of the game). of course, you will generally have an escort, but it might not
be powerful enough to destroy a fubuki in time to provent it from sinking you or a fellow CV.

5: should i stay with other CVs?
Yes! even though if someone spots you they will know where all your CVs are, it is a lot
easier to defend yourself in a goup, especially if there is only 1 or 2 escort ships.

6: should i use DBs or TBs?
The best choice is DBs, because of the extreme suckiness of jap TBs. they get shot down in
no time, while the DBs at least dont get affected by AAW until they dive. however, if you
find a way to have high lvl (really high lvl, so he is able to use second set of TB) TB,
it might be better since you have a lot more exp because of the bonus to torp dmg that you
have while using TBs.

well, this concludes my guide, i hoped i helped!

  • Re : Guide: oyodo

    04. 12. 2011 02:17

So you think that only The author has authority To comment on
Ship usage...

And yes, I find good threads and resurrect them
Rather than make a new one.
Which would u prefer?

  • Re : Guide: oyodo

    04. 11. 2011 16:55

asmith might not even play anymore, and on top of that im assuming SW is speed
whored since i know of no other meaning for SW, and you cant exactly SW a ship
thats already fast and not supposed to have armor on it in the first place...

  • Re : Guide: oyodo

    04. 11. 2011 16:36

I think that this is a good and valid guide though (That i found using the search function
while lookigng for tips on oyodo usage)... DOES ANYONE KNOW THE CORRECT WAY TO SW AN OYODO !?
Just calm down, its not a calamity if a thread is necro'd because someone has questions on

  • Re : Guide: oyodo

    04. 11. 2011 05:35


bob ... i have to ask .... ? are you making a career out of raising long dead threads ??

tho it does raise the question of why this isn't in the IJN specific section of the forum

  • Re : Guide: oyodo

    04. 11. 2011 02:58

Greatly enjoyed this, although I might add that the Oyodo's SW setup can also be valid?

  • Re : Guide: oyodo

    10. 14. 2007 19:03

Lets give this a BUMP. some of the advice is off, but most of it is still quite valid.

  • Re : Guide: oyodo

    07. 19. 2007 13:05

that's what this guide is for! nice to see its appreciated.

  • Re : Guide: oyodo

    07. 19. 2007 10:49

very good guide lol at least for me.
I just got myself a Oyodo and followed by this guide and got me many XP!!


  • Re : Guide: oyodo

    07. 08. 2007 16:49

well, it is the best CV for a newb CV driver only because you have less planes in the air
at the same time; however, you will have a hard time doing well with it, since the planes
are absolute shit (they weren't that bad when i wrote the guide, but now they are
horrendous since everyone and their mothers have 3 fighters) and you only have a very,
very limited number of them.

By all means, try it out, I had an absolute blast when i used to have one, but dont expect
to absolutely pwn.

  • Re : Guide: oyodo

    07. 08. 2007 12:05

Ty man, really want a CV and heard the Oyodo is the best CV for a CV noob xD so
i'm going to buy it =D
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