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  • Alaska?

    06. 18. 2009 06:46

So my BO is a level 50 and I have the Baltimore and I was wondering if the Alaska is
good and what guns I should use on it.

  • Re : Alaska?

    06. 08. 2011 16:46

If you can AA, life is grand! FF-BB3 all get shared XP. Alaska was better than Nevada in
my opinion.

  • Re : Alaska?

    06. 07. 2011 21:33

"but i recommend
you use a a free ship tree reset to get to neveda line "

-.- your already a year late in replying :D
necroed thread for the win :D

  • Re : Alaska?

    06. 07. 2011 16:52

i just got my alaska
first it sucks since your gunners are level 54. i hope it gets better on but i recommend
you use a a free ship tree reset to get to neveda line

  • Re : Alaska?

    12. 04. 2010 14:43

the 2 :D

  • Re : Alaska?

    12. 04. 2010 11:43

This is more than a year later...

The Alaska sucks. It's pretty much useless. The gun range is short, though they hit
fairly hard. The spread is worse. It can't carry enough armour to survive in GB.
Even in blitz rooms (non-hobbit) it get killed by CL2-3's and CA1's.

I decided to buy a P'cola and grind up enough to buy a Sevasti. I'm now grinding up
to lvl 70 in the Sevasti, because the AK/Guam is just terrible.

Part of the problem with the AK is that it's not a Battle Cruiser. Historcially, it was
designed as a Large Cruiser, and classified as such by the USN. It was never a BC.
It was designed to counter the Mogami/Myoko class CA's of the IJN...tonnage wise,
it's almost the size of a BC, but if you look at how it was armoured, it's clearly a
super CA (sort of like the German Panzerschiff) that could sink anything smaller and
out run anything larger. Even the 12" guns while pound for pound were better than
the US 14" guns, aren't up to European 15" or IJN equivalents. NF's classifying it as
a BC is a joke and really distorts what the USN intended to use it for.

  • Re : Alaska?

    07. 15. 2009 18:31

Hood, Gnei and OPro II are Battlecruisers, too, and they aren't BB0.5s.."Battlecruiser" in
this game doesn't mean squat. I mean, an OPro II as a battlecruiser has more DP then
a North Carolina, which is a full-fledged battleship. How's that work? Oh well.

  • Re : Alaska?

    07. 15. 2009 13:56

Theres nothing wrong with the Alaska. Its a battlecruiser! BB0.5

  • Re : Alaska?

    07. 15. 2009 10:35

You know there's something wrong with Alaska when a CL2 can own it.

  • Re : Alaska?

    07. 15. 2009 09:32

Alaska is one of those "fun" ships you go back to (to break the grind etc). At level,
you're pretty much food. Even with the vanilla setup using N's, I managed to sink BB5's
and rape CV's. Of course the BB12 patch helped. :p

  • Re : Alaska?

    07. 15. 2009 09:26

Only ship i have that can prolly best a revenge is my sharn, as it outrange it by a ton. I
need not to make a mistake tough.

I'll try to get a hold of my bud and have his revenge shoot at me too see. he's got lvl
110 gunner soooo.

Right now I'm using the SY and AD so most revenge in GB dont get in range. cant tell for sure.
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