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  • Neut Trading!

    09. 26. 2009 22:54

The last patch messed up traiding neuts! Now, instead of being able to trade neuts
as neuts, one must class em. It is infact impossible now to sell 15 pot neuts if the
buyer intends to use em for a new bo! Change that back so neuts can be sold as
neuts! It's easier to trade neuts, and thus make money!

  • Re : Neut Trading!

    03. 11. 2011 05:46

locking this one because of two of the same one by the same poster, only a couple of
months apart.

  • Re : Neut Trading!

    03. 10. 2011 23:51

I never thought the flock, kissing @55 or do other's $DE,you can live like a sheep or farm
dog if you can be a lonely wolf?say NO be free.All stupid rules must be broken.
You have my recomm.

  • Re : Neut Trading!

    03. 10. 2011 22:33

I was already thinking to make this suggestion but someone made 1st.... so

This options gives the player a choice on what nation they want for the neuts they
have bought from the seller and also its SAFE rather than buying them from a player in
the trading area. Risk factor....

  • Re : Neut Trading!

    09. 27. 2009 04:45

look around, people have already thought about this.