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  • update chat filter

    10. 27. 2009 15:46

that the only chat filter is English, when its not even the most spoken language in
the game, there people from south american, russian,all over a game that is NA
NF kinda funny... So once again if U speak english its all ur fault..and u will get
banned for some crap..that mods dont even know half the story or want too

  • Re : update chat filter

    03. 09. 2011 09:16

Some Spanish swear words are blocked too, but it is impossible to block every swear word
in every language... there are some slang words that are very hard to figure out if you
are not from that country.

  • Re : update chat filter

    03. 09. 2011 08:27

give us the option to remove the filter, or remove it all together.

We all agreed that we were 18 years or older or if under had parental permission.

NFEU removed their word filter not to long ago .. and I quote "it was stupid"

  • Re : update chat filter

    02. 28. 2011 22:11

Get rid of ban filters and make people who register under the age of 18 have it blocked

  • Re : update chat filter

    02. 28. 2011 22:09

the only "language" problems really is when you're in a GB2 match and your flag
doesn't speak, nor understand a lick of English and you're trying to warn them off about
a sub, or BB ranging on them.

unless you can piece together some frantic half translated words like "Flag/ship name"
"SS!/BB!" "MUERTE!" (Death). which tends to work in many of the latin, south & central
american languages to get them dancing.

  • Re : update chat filter

    02. 28. 2011 08:32

HMMM how about making a setting where u can block everything but whisper and fleet so
u dont have to see every1s nagging macro in startup and just have PEACE!!!!!!(for

  • Re : update chat filter

    10. 28. 2009 21:39

Been saying that for years now Ne3o.

All they'd have to do is put a parental control tab in the F10 settings menu that parents
can enable the filter and set a password too. But I forget at times this is SDE and thats
too complicated for them to do, but that every other cheap ass game on the market has it.
Go figure.

  • Re : update chat filter

    10. 28. 2009 20:35

Should just do it how they do it in WoW,

have the option of a chat filter that everyone who is
mature can have on or off.

  • Re : update chat filter

    10. 28. 2009 19:04

oh DS i think we need filter for chinese, hindu, german, french, spanish an d a lot of others

  • Re : update chat filter

    10. 28. 2009 06:24

I think it isn't a real problem for everybody.
For exemple : i'm french and the word "venir" means : to come.
I let you imagine -__-'
Every time i tell a friend : Tu peux venir (you can come) there is the problem...
BTW...there is some sinonymes ! so everybody can speak without problem in fact :)
or sometimes, I admit that I used this form : Tu peux veni r.
If somebody say reporta blablabla, i have just to explain it, BTW i never get ban for that.

  • Re : update chat filter

    10. 28. 2009 01:37


we must ban consecutive JAJAJA's!:P

errr yea...

i agree that non-english speakers shouldn't be allowed to throw swears and curses at each
other in their native language...

it's not prejudice, you just have to do like everyone else does, abide the rules.

either not swear, or pass the filter, and take punishment accordingly.