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  • IJN Range Chart

    01. 09. 2010 16:37

out of pure boredomness, i decided to make tests with the IJN gun ranges.

The tests were made with a Fuso, TFC BB1, for the 14'' and lower cal guns, and with a
Yamato, TFC BB2, for the 16.1'' and 18.1''. Crew used consisted of gunners lvl 92-95,
boosted, 110 vets each and maxed experts.
These tests were conducted by firing a total of 6 shells for single and early dual guns (since
they had good accurancy) and a total of 18 shells for the remaining ones. Next, measures
were taken, considering the main dots' distance of a marking range, with the help
of Photoshop and a grid carefully made on it.
Error margin expected is 0,1 of a main dot (which i believe is 1 inch). In a metric scale,
that goes 1-1,2mm

The range of most guns here cannot be taken as absolute, so to say, because IJN
isnt that much astonishing as other nations like UK. In other words, as an example, the
16.1'' 1st set has a range of "x", but because of his spread his range can increase or
decrease 0.5 of a dot, making it "x+0.5" or "x-0.5".

Here are the results so far:

Single Guns

Dual/Tripple DD/CL/CA Guns


BB Guns

- longest range of the dual 3'' is 36?(not 50 or 55?. after that angle the range starts
to decrease till 90?
- the single 5.5'' and 6'' are simillar in everything. Main difference is that 6''
trades-off a bit of its range for "more" dmg per shell;
- the 3.9'' and the 5'' duals have basicly the exact same range. Thing is, the 5'' has a
lill worse spread, resulting in some consecutive shells going a bit further away. After
some prolonged shooting and observation, I could basicly agree that they have teoreticly
the same range.

- IJN BB1 and 2 range is lower than US D'=
- the 14''/45 Type 43A N (guns that can Fit in the Kongo) have, interestingly, a better
spread compared to all other BB guns till the yamato!
- 1st set of 16.1'' D guns have a slight better range than the 2nd set. However, since
every 16.1'' have some bad spread, this range can, somewhat, be neglected. Same thing
happens with the Nagato guns (though this range difference cant be neglected).

Hope you IJN guys like it, and find some good use for it :)

- 25/01/10 - Fixed all single gun range, which were wrong; completed the 16.1'' sets, and
added the tripple 6.1'' and 18.1'' guns range; added the remaining N and D guns for the
duals; changed text, and added some notes.

  • Re : IJN Range Chart

    05. 17. 2011 06:48

are this figures correct? i tested the 16.1 type 90 D on my fuso and it has more
range than the 16.1 Type 3 D. could someone please correct me or support me on
this one?

  • Re : IJN Range Chart

    01. 30. 2011 02:10

good job,thanks

  • Re : IJN Range Chart

    09. 14. 2010 20:58

good work dude.. keep it up

  • Re : IJN Range Chart

    09. 13. 2010 06:55

Two things-

1-The "Dual and Triple Small Gun" pic doesn't show up. Just the link to imageshack where
the picture is.

2-Levels are not listed. It may be useless to many. But, just as I look forward to the
next ship, I look forward to the next set of guns. Knowing what level my gunners need to
be gives me something to work towards.

Other than those two points, excellent work!

  • Re : IJN Range Chart

    08. 16. 2010 06:21

good job

  • Re : IJN Range Chart

    08. 14. 2010 21:24

silly question,
when im using manual FCS on B65 with 45 deg angel i found tht i cant see any of my
shell drop mark, so i wana know does the unmark shell drop, do count for how far
can the gun turrent shoot? or its count by the max marked shell drop?

  • Re : IJN Range Chart

    08. 14. 2010 11:39

Nicely Done..

  • Re : IJN Range Chart

    08. 14. 2010 06:01

Good job!!!

  • Re : IJN Range Chart

    08. 11. 2010 14:46

Yes we need PBB and EBB gun ranges included if at all possible. Great collection of
information so far...and very useful.

  • Re : IJN Range Chart

    08. 06. 2010 08:01

great post
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