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  • ASW/SS Guides [Updated 9/17/2010]

    02. 16. 2010 10:08


Some useful ASW/SS Guides

Submarine & ASW Tips from Starluck - Starluck

The CaptCiaphas Submariner's Guide - CaptCiaphas

USN Anti-Submarine Warfare Guide - LordKelvin

Guide not only to the US subs - Pnov


  • Re : ASW/SS Guides [Updated 9/17/2010]

    01. 14. 2011 02:34

ASW? Anti Ship Guided Missile like Harpoon :))

  • Re : ASW/SS Guides [Updated 9/17/2010]

    12. 28. 2010 10:25

this isn't the place to put this I'm sure, but i thought i should share what i do that
makes me so good at SS.

First get a buddy that is equal or higher level then you(this way they don't just lock on
you which is the higher level ship), make sure that you guys are aware of what your plain
is. Now its time to make it too the line, take turns leap frogging I.E. both of you dive,
get to the point that you start running into other ships, surface one at a time, count to
three, then dive, by then he should be coming up while they are shooting at you, he counts
etc etc. until you get to the line, once at the line pick your targets carefully, don't
just shoot off your torps at anything that moves, usually when me and my friend plays we
take turns taking out ASW ships and capital ships. Usually you want to be the one that's
taking out the bigger ships, but for the sake of democracy, take turns.

Just remember that DDs and FFs are MORE DEADLY THEN BBs WHEN YOUR UNDER so keep that in
mind, you really want to try to take them out first cause that's the only way that BBs and
CAs can see you in, if there in the area.
Hope this helps, doubt it will be,but hey, give it a shot. It also work when your chasing
CVs and BBs. you have to have a good reaction time, and a good eye when doing this, do to
the fact that you need to see what ships are loaded for ASW.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

  • Re : ASW/SS Guides [Updated 9/17/2010]

    12. 17. 2010 11:35

How many torpmen are needed for an ss??

  • Re : ASW/SS Guides [Updated 9/17/2010]

    12. 09. 2010 08:02


  • Re : ASW/SS Guides [Updated 9/17/2010]

    11. 21. 2010 07:32

the anti-sub guides are also useful for the sub drivers so that we have an idea on what
your going to do to kill us :D

  • Re : ASW/SS Guides [Updated 9/17/2010]

    09. 18. 2010 06:11

Perfect :)

  • Re : ASW/SS Guides [Updated 9/17/2010]

    09. 17. 2010 14:54

Added Pnov's Guide


  • Re : ASW/SS Guides [Updated 2/25/2010]

    09. 09. 2010 13:33

Define air is running out too fast? Like how much time are we talking about here?

If you could time urself diving with max air and then giving a final result that would be

Also make sure u max out the crew on ur planesman (ie. fill up with rookies)

  • Re : ASW/SS Guides [Updated 2/25/2010]

    09. 09. 2010 13:30

why air supply in SS3 running out so fast, it's because Planesman or soemthing wrong
...etc pls reply

  • Re : ASW/SS Guides [Updated 2/25/2010]

    08. 25. 2010 17:27

ey friend i need help with my sub in the duration of air
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