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  • Basic French BB Gun/Engine Setup

    02. 20. 2010 14:56

Now that I am among the MN BB players, here's some basic stuff to get the rest of you

  • Re : Basic French BB Gun/Engine Setup

    03. 28. 2011 13:28

The 12'' (HUGE) guns have more range and do more damage. (and also it depends on your
level, I have the huge dual 12s and I am doing fine, but then again mine gunners are EBVE
and r lvl 72) but if they r not the huge versions go for the 12'' and Hit and Run. B/c you
can basically shoot backwards off your ship it makes it easier to do so. And while doing
this only add some buldge for the pesky TB and add enough till you loose one knot of speed
then back off.

But it is prbly better to use the Lyon till you can get the Huge 12" guns. BUt it is your
crew u decide.

  • Re : Basic French BB Gun/Engine Setup

    01. 29. 2011 03:38

Lyon is nice :) but with at level crew its hard to play especially with bo that can't see
shell lands well, so far my avg attack is 70k with on level crew and lvl 69 gunners

to my question

which is the best guns to use on paris at level? the 13.4" or 12" (both 1922)?

  • Re : Basic French BB Gun/Engine Setup

    12. 03. 2010 11:32

guys is the lyon worth having coz i get told its pritty much worthless

  • Re : Basic French BB Gun/Engine Setup

    10. 19. 2010 05:46

Wait for bigger BBs to engage then sneak in and get your damages. Hit and run, hit
and run.
Having shorter range than pretty much everyone else you can use that tactic up to BB5.

  • Re : Basic French BB Gun/Engine Setup

    07. 26. 2010 20:07

Also i have a question about the best way to use the Dunkerque below lvl70??
Should i rush in and do as much damage as i can and either get sunk or barely
escape with my life? Or should i wait for someone to get into my range and then
shoot it? I have 4 engies 2 reps and a Support sailor all boosted with the exception
of the support sailor

  • Re : Basic French BB Gun/Engine Setup

    07. 26. 2010 20:03

Yeah right now i'm at the Lyon and i also have a Dunkerque and i love it but my Lyon
does way better in the missions... also with my Dunkerque i was able to sink a BB4
with very little help but all the other times i go in with it i almost immediately get
4 lvls away from Paris remodel so after that another 10lvls from BB3 =)

  • Re : Basic French BB Gun/Engine Setup

    05. 15. 2010 15:10

Bump. Finally got that edit done on the Paris and Lorraine engine.

  • Re : Basic French BB Gun/Engine Setup

    04. 20. 2010 15:03

I've been playing the Paris with the 13.4" guns for a good while now. My four engies are
around lvl70 and I get 26/36 with FOUR guns. Missing two guns of which you only use one is
not that much of a loss, but the speed gain added to the small size are a significant

Paris is actually very fun to play. I can sneak pretty well against larger targets provided
there are others in my team that are engaged. If not it can do pretty well by itself. Five
scouts with excellent range and flight time help a lot if you think your timing a bit.
Just today I had several 70K+ attack games, all vs BB4-5. Survivability is very high if you
ess around, and range is good enough (AD like). I wouldn't discourage anyone from going this

  • Re : Basic French BB Gun/Engine Setup

    04. 16. 2010 06:29

No it's definately probable since the lyon and normandie have more range than the

Also the lyon and normandie have more total overall guns on the ships over the

The Paris has 10 12" guns, so you must be very precise, since the shells are so
small. I've played the Paris a lot now, it's tough for me cus im used to high angle
guns. Once i used to it, seems like the shells do less damage, but the reload time on
the guns are a lot less, atleast it seems that way.

The normandie and lyon with at level even gunners 10 levels higher with EBVE
gunners have a shogunny spread at max range, with bad reload, but for a low level
as it is, it has tons of range and hitting power.

I'm running a Paris with 5 engies 3 Elites, 2 +11s, the only thing the 5 of them are
lack is about 2 exp packs each, all have boosts and over 100 vets. Aside from that I
put the CA I engine on and only go 36 knots max speed. The CA I engine is lighter
than the BB engine as well, but has more horsepower than the BB I engine.

Therefore you get screwed going the bottom line, Paris is a not that much of a fun
ship to play. The top line however, the Lorrain has more range than the lyon and
normandie, which is fair but extremely overpowered. Since the Lyon and Normandie
guns out range an Andria Doria.

Choose top line it's better and more fun, I would have argued to go the top line
before knowing this.

  • Re : Basic French BB Gun/Engine Setup

    03. 29. 2010 16:11

I'm using the Paris with CA I (Hvy) engine and four 12+ engineers and it seems the
best option. OH time is 11 secs vs. 13 or 15 for the BC/BB engines, but weight is just
1100 vs. 1650+.

Horsepower difference is 8K in favor of the CA engine vs. BC engine and 20K vs. the BB
engine. That gives a speed of 26/35 with crew at lvl.
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