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  • Data Corrupted Issue - March 2011 Update

    03. 07. 2010 08:54

Our favorite issue is still with us, so long now that I've put a YEAR in the update in the
title. There's still no blanket fix for this issue, the updater still sometimes fails to
update your installation correctly and the result is the "DATA CORRUPTED" issue we've come
to know and loathe. Anyway, with the latest thread update, we've updated some of the
procedures slightly. (I'd say "enjoy", but I know you won't.)

There's no best way to fix it, as each fix depends on your PC's setup. And all our PCs
are at least a little different. But if you are seeing the DATA CORRUPTED message,
the method that has worked more often than not is as follows...

1 - Go into control panel, add/remove programs and uninstall Navyfield.

2 - Use regedit.exe to open your PC's registry. Search for "SD Enternet" and delete
anything it finds. (IF you are not comfortable editing the registry, you can skip this
step. But if it fails to solve your problem, you'll likely have to go back and do it again
and add in this step after all. People have reported success both with and without
this step.)

3 - Navigate to your SD Enternet directory (usually c:\program files\sd enternet) and
delete it and all subdirectories.

4 - reboot. (it's windows, it loves this step. =)

5 - Go to the DOWNLOAD section of this site, the GAME DOWNLOAD subsection and
download and install a fresh copy of navyfield. CNET will take longer but seems
always reliable, while SDE's link is quicker. (Current version is as follows...)


7 - Now hit this URL and download the latest manual patch and run it.

8 - Compatibility Mode is no longer a good idea, since the Hackshield patch. DO NOT use
Compatibility mode.

Steps 5 and 7 combined bypass the updater altogether and install the latest version
of the game. This has worked for quite a few people. PLEASE test it out and let us
know if it worked or not!

IMPORTANT NOTE - some users have reported success by disabling their anti-virus
software during steps 4 and 6, as non-standard or out-dated anti-virus programs
can interfere with software installations.


If you've followed the above steps and your computer is still trying to deny you your
gaming experience, please open a support ticket on the blue column to your left.
There might be something amiss with your account that only a GM can fix, or your PC
could have a non-standard setup that a tech mod could advise you on.

  • Re : Data Corrupted Issue - UPDATE 3

    07. 12. 2010 10:26


Excelent one more in NF! remember clean de registry all navifield an SDenternet data.

  • Re : Data Corrupted Issue - March 2011 Update

    04. 26. 2011 15:12

I could see the different PC issue coming up, if the game was graphics intensive. However, we
all know that the graphics on this game are very simple. I have not been able to update any of
my 4 pc's ever since hackshield was installed with the ENFSUpdater program..... So dont blame
the PCs for the failure of SDE to adquately test hackshields stablitiy within the games setup.

I dont know why, but i will try to install the game on 1 or 2 of my new pc's, but ill be damned if i
install it on one i use sensitive information on, with SDE able to hack my pc at anytime.

It just shows that SDE really doesnt care about the users and are more concerned about a
product that user's base has shrunk to maybe a handful. As a history lesson, most of the users
can use SDE's handling of NF as a case study on HOW NOT to run a company.

Also, I would like to thank the user base for the help with this difficult issue everyone is having.

  • Re : Data Corrupted Issue - March 2011 Update

    04. 24. 2011 09:51

this is how i feel about this data file corrupt issue
v=2tJjNVVwRCY .OR just look up bill o'reilly flips out on youtube.His expressions will
explain how i feel about this

  • Re : Data Corrupted Issue - March 2011 Update

    04. 20. 2011 08:20

Since years and years the same...

SDE decided to bug out my computer. So I put it in a VM cage. Nobody except myself has to decide
what will work above my OS. Not SONY, not SDE and not any hacker.

Maybe nobody realized that: since SDE put in that hack shield I never payed anything again. Not
only cos of that freaky decision. Especially since years and years complete days needed 2 install a
game. Only to install. And what is the reason to install that? YOUR UPDATER IS SO BUGGY HES NOT
ABLE TO MANAGE I CAN GET ACTUAL FILES. Since years and again and again and again.
Instead of putting new (buggy) shit into that construct do your homework and deliver a clean and
working software.

Playing not that half time WoW like NF. Never, never and never I had any problems about that
game. Gigabytes of updates worked well. Putting that on linux machines and back to windows.
Never anything won't work with that updater. IT CAN BE. Yap, maybe not with SDE...

My last issue: Your program tells me: there is a data file corrupt. Okay, restart, update and
everything is well. But again, again, again, again...
Your programmers are not able to download and replace one file? Are you serious?! Let them mess
up his home page. And maybe his own guest book. But do not unleash him to mankind. PLEASE.
And cos oft that I should reinstall and reinstall and reainstall that bug bag? For days and days and


Ah... b4 I forget: I saw that what russian destroyers or cruisers should be.... Bwahahahahaaaaa.
THAT should be such a ship? Any BB sprite or Xed carriers? Oh man. You cannot handle simple tiny
graphics. Don't talk about that with anybody. I cannot keep it... How poor is that

Well, I decided:no more wondering about that. Will take a look about that freaky Darwin
experiment. And tell ya wife that its possible some day maybe SDE cannot pay you.

  • Re : Data Corrupted Issue - March 2011 Update

    04. 14. 2011 06:51

I have this problem once again, it is been 2 years, and game and patch work as bad as
before, and now it is even impossible to play in this game.

I tryed to make this game work like 5 days now, and still Data corrupted problem, I
reinstaled it like 15 times now, and still not work.

Meaby this way solved problem for some players, bu not for me.

There is nothink I can add here because everythink was already repeat here alot times.

  • Re : Data Corrupted Issue - March 2011 Update

    04. 13. 2011 12:07

Dude stop saying every pc is different, their are alot of universal things you could of
used to make a patcher so dont blame windows.. you guys are rubbish i have been trying to
play this game for months, not just a few days and everytime i try its the same bullshit.

no matter how many times we reinstal the crap it aint gona do nothing so stop tryna
convince people otherwise, its your problem, you make a game and you cant even make an
installer or patcher (how dumb are you), this worked on your pc that i assume didnt even
have a problem your just tryna make out theirs a solution when clearly their isnt.

today alone ive been on this for over 6 hours and ive tried everything, this account is
new today so dont start the gm thing either. The only people to blame are the ones who
compiled the game n made the patcher cus they dont have a clue what their doing and they
need to be replaced, its a damn waste of a good game when something as stupid as that
ruins it.

when you an be bothered to fix it post that, until then stop making out you have a fix
when you dont.

  • Re : Data Corrupted Issue - March 2011 Update

    04. 10. 2011 14:33

Your steps worked , thanks

... but geez - how many hoops do we have to go through to play? Come on SD/NF,
fix this..

(never had the data file corrupted error until this month)

  • Re : Data Corrupted Issue - March 2011 Update

    04. 07. 2011 16:18

Just put up a zipped download of the client that works with the updater disabled. Duh. If
you're one of the dudes that can't play, download that until the fix comes out. Every time
I apply the fix, the patcher deletes it. So obvious answer is disable the patcher.

  • Re : Data Corrupted Issue - March 2011 Update

    04. 06. 2011 11:08

Does not work!!!!!!!!!

  • Re : Data Corrupted Issue - March 2011 Update

    04. 04. 2011 18:23

Well I figured I would play some NF after a few years of not playing it. Seeing they
merged servers I have no idea what is going to happen to my full crews on all the old
servers. Anyways, that is a seperate issue.

I still am getting the data currupt issues. Tried all the tricks even tried to DL their
supposed fix on the download section for those issues. Nothing has worked so far. I
guess I will have to wait for a future patch in order to play the game once again. Oh
well. Not like I really needed to spend the money on more premium scrips either way heh.

  • Re : Data Corrupted Issue - March 2011 Update

    04. 02. 2011 13:01

Thanks for letting us know NFteam,i bet this will be the best game i will play.
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