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Marine Nationale


  • How is MN SS4?

    03. 16. 2010 23:55

Anyone had any experience with this ship?

  • Re : How is MN SS4?

    04. 21. 2010 18:03

I saw it once... it ran out of ship to sink before running of air or torps.. ><

piece of Scheisse

  • Re : How is MN SS4?

    04. 13. 2010 22:43

french KM ss4 in my point of view

1-Small = excellent to maneuver, 2nd best after km! Why 2nd? its small and hard to
hit for non proximity torpedoes subs.

2- Good amount of torpedo launcher for being that small.

3-so small, that will be difficult for Dive bombers to hit you.

in short words, in the right hands against a non pro torps subs = a pain in the field.

  • Re : How is MN SS4?

    04. 06. 2010 01:26

i had it for quite some time now and i can say its and excelent submarine, has a very
strong power in his torps, the splash makes a hell of damage such of KM ones, and
its very tiny what makes it dificult to hit, the only problem is that you need 2 good
engys to be very fast on it

  • Re : How is MN SS4?

    03. 31. 2010 22:06


Anyone use this ship yet?

  • Re : How is MN SS4?

    03. 18. 2010 08:36

Dud chance is the same for all ships... except KM but thats because of their proximity

  • Re : How is MN SS4?

    03. 18. 2010 03:27

yes... might want to check out Free3play's 'French subs' thread a couple of us have
put info about it on there :)

its not a bad sub just watch out when u fire all 6 torps at once there is a greater
chance 3 or more will dud >. <

  • Re : How is MN SS4?

    03. 17. 2010 03:10

Grinding to it now enjoy playing the ss3 though, km ss4 is the only sub i want due to the
pom poms >.>