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  • [Guide] Contacting Support

    03. 19. 2010 13:57

Well I thought I might update the How To Contact Support guide by JdashN simply because it
was out dated now that they have changed the server names, added new categories and
changed ways to upload a screen shot.

The Support Ticket system is the best way to get that question you've been wondering about
answered, report an offensive player, or submit a report on a bug you found in game.

To Contact Support you must log into your account

Once you are logged in you will see the word "Support" on the left side in the blue
column. Click on Support to bring down the drop menu then select "Contact Support" as
shown here.

You will then see two drop down menus, one labeled "Categories" and one labeled "Server"

Each category is used for a different kind of report.

General Question - Used for any questions you may have about the game or it's technical

Reporting Offensive Players - Used to report an offensive player, an intentional team
kill, or an offensive ship name.

Hacking/Lost - Submit a ticket here if your account has been hacked or you have lost a
sailor, ship, credits or any other in game item. Please note TeamNF is not responsible for
any sailors, credits, or points lost in trading. To prevent being scammed take screen
shots of your trades.

Bug Report- This section is where you submit any detailed bug reports regarding a bug you
have found in game. Be sure to include a screen shot.

Payment - Submit a ticket here if you have any problem with a payment in the NF store or
you are having problems making a payment. Any information submitted here goes directly to
a GM and is confidential.

Event - The event section is only used when events are happening in game or one is
announced by a member of the GM staff. When they say to submit a ticket in the Event
section this is where it should be sent.

Test Server Report - The Test Server Report is used by those in OpenNavyField. A group of
players that work to make the game content more balanced and enjoyable for the whole.
Normal players really do not have a reason to submit a ticket here.

Forum - If you are having a problem with someone/something on the forums please submit a
ticket here. If you are unable to POST on the forums please submit a ticket in the GENERAL
QUESTION category and request your posting rights to be enabled.


After you have submitted your ticket TeamNF will do their best to answer it in a timely
matter. Usually within a few hours or maximum a day or two there will be an answer
waiting. To check the ticket you submitted follow these steps.

Click on Contact Support again like you did when submitting the ticket. Then choose "Check

Once you are here you will see the ticket you submitted.

When the ticket shows "Answered" an answer has been provided.


Some sections such as "Reporting Offensive Players" and "Bug Reports" require screen
shots. Simply click on the "Browse" button and select the screen shot from the screen shot
folder located in the NF directory.

Also if you have forgotten your second password send an email from the registered email
address on your NavyField account that is affected to [email protected] explaining that
you have forgotten your second pass and wish for it to be reset.

I hope that this clears up any questions about the Support System. If you feel something
should be added please feel free to PM me. Thank you to TeamNF Noricer for
helping me by answering my ticket. :)

Hope this guide helps and I will continue to update it as the support system evolves.

TeamNF Iowa