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  • Ways to armor a Paris?

    04. 03. 2010 12:15

Anyone willing to tell their armor setup on a Paris and if it's actually worth putting
armor / removing some guns to make room for armor?

  • Re : Ways to armor a Paris?

    04. 29. 2010 07:29

Go .2 belt and nothing else.

Armor works a lot of armor or none.

So putting anything from .1 deck to 5.9 deck isn't going to bounce any shells. you
have to put a considerable amount for you to bounce shells, and US has better deck
armor than MN and they don't use armor at these levels or pretty much any level.

If you really wanted to bouce anything, you would have to put about somewhere
around 6-8" to even see your ship bouce anything, again but then you lose a lot of
speed, and you don't have a lot to begin with at that low of level.

In my lyon with around 800 SD ive taken a kaiser full salvo and survived so i think
you really don't need armor. You can already survive from a lot of big ships bb4s,5s,
and some 6s. Then you want more survivability options. I think NF was atleast right
about not letting you armor up yourself at that low of level.

If you're worried about subs, put as much bulge on until you lose speed.

So therefore don't armor the paris unless its some bulge and .2 belt.

  • Re : Ways to armor a Paris?

    04. 27. 2010 11:56

On my Lorraine I use .2 belt and probably around 75 bulge, with I think .6 bulkhead,
and the rest deck, up to the point where I don't go slower then 33knts OH...

Just depends on how many engys you have and what your average battle looks like, if
someones more aggressive and is near the line most of the time then you'll want speed
more then anything so less armor is better. If you hang back you'll want to armor up
and go slower. Personally its a little both for me, 33knts isn't fast but its fast enough
since the hitbox is small...

  • Re : Ways to armor a Paris?

    04. 22. 2010 06:30


  • Re : Ways to armor a Paris?

    04. 22. 2010 02:22

whit 255 bulge lose too many speed

  • Re : Ways to armor a Paris?

    04. 21. 2010 10:32

255 bulge is worthless unless you also add some BELT armor. Belt armor reduces torpedo
damage, which bulge armor then soaks before passing the rest to Soft Defense. THAT is the

I run a Normandie with 0.2 deck, 1.5 belt, 50 bulge, and 3 bulkhead. With 500 SD, it can
soak 12 SS3 proximity torps before running out of SD.

My Montana has the same armor setup and 900 SD. It can soak 20 such torpedoes before my
SD is gone. I've run subs totally out of ammo before they could sink me. It's HILARIOUS. =)

  • Re : Ways to armor a Paris?

    04. 21. 2010 09:13

I can dodge torps, unlike the Dunk :P

  • Re : Ways to armor a Paris?

    04. 21. 2010 05:07

So you are very slow and good food too.

  • Re : Ways to armor a Paris?

    04. 21. 2010 02:15

56 BULGE!?!?
Youre food!
On my dunk i got 255 bulge.

  • Re : Ways to armor a Paris?

    04. 21. 2010 01:01

for me best paris is 4 gun bulged and speed speed speed!

  • Re : Ways to armor a Paris?

    04. 21. 2010 01:00

i have problems fitting decent crew on it, so there is no way to AW the thing.
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