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  • Leveling til CV

    04. 24. 2010 09:33

Hello, im currently a level 45 player using the La Glassionaire (or however you
spellit) and i use an armor whore setup with about 7inch belt and an 1/5 of an inch
deck with 2 Trip 6.1s in the front. Im wondering if anyone has any ideas to make this
grind go faster.


  • Re : Leveling til CV

    04. 29. 2010 07:40

If in blitz then you are allowed to armor it pretty much anyway you want.

In GB or GB2, take off the deck, reduce the belt to .2 and buy premium for fast

Also no need to put and bulge on since you should be fast enough to manuever
torp walls, and dodge or gett away from sub torps.

  • Re : Leveling til CV

    04. 28. 2010 12:32

put on dual 8's and then use the T slots for torps. Race up at the start of battle fire
all your torps then move back to the middle of your advance and pepper the enemy
with your 8's. Leave the AA to the German ships they're better at it anyways

  • Re : Leveling til CV

    04. 25. 2010 13:39

Use the trip 6" and play aa ship in GB2, useful for your team and gives good xp.

  • Re : Leveling til CV

    04. 24. 2010 22:02

I used mine as an AA/ASW ship in GB1/2 when not in Blitz. I used the 6.1 trips and
HH on the T slots.

Trip 6.1 Golden Angle= 33

Prem helps too.

Good luck with the grind!

  • Re : Leveling til CV

    04. 24. 2010 19:58

buy prem it gives ur ship the ability to drive itself >>

  • Re : Leveling til CV

    04. 24. 2010 15:06

buy premium

  • Re : Leveling til CV

    04. 24. 2010 09:44

Not armoring your ship...