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  • Getting new players in NF to stay

    05. 05. 2010 07:51

Something that has been bothering me for several months is the fact that Blitzgrieg
game provide very little exp. and other game modes such as Select mode and
Operation Convoy all have been forgoten of and nothing is being done to revive
them. When I try to invite my friends to play the game, these are one of the concerns
they mention.

The game is becoming very monotonous and is only about GB2. For a new player
entering these GB2, they will surely get frustrated with the game. A new player can't
do manual aiming therefore can't do AA with his CL. Like all new players he will rush
only to get 1 shotted by a BB without hitting a single thing over and over again. The
only option he has left is to play in Blitz where the rooms take 5-20 min to get to 16
players and the exp. is whorthless.

In order to get more new players to stay.

I suggest:
- Decrease GB game experience point gain.(level 1- 60)
- Increase Blitz game experience point gain and credits.(to be in par with a
decreased exp. gain in GB)
- Increase Operation Convoy exp. and credit gain.
- Increase Select Mode: DD/Cl war exp or credit gain.
- Disable HH use in Blitz or other game modes without SS.

I hope NF see's my point of view on this and improves these issues.

  • Re : Getting new players in NF to stay

    06. 12. 2011 16:40

It's more simple.
As reward to new players when their first BO reach sertain level they get credit and
points reward.
12lvl-50k credits
25lvl-150k credits 100k points
40lvl-300k credits 200k points
total: 500k credits and 300k points
This way new player will have the money to buy ships they want without making them suffer
from penaltys in GB2(no money problems until BB)

And 500k is not soo much, so economy will not be destroyed.

  • Re : Getting new players in NF to stay

    06. 12. 2011 16:17

I rec, good idea to improve the game.

  • Re : Getting new players in NF to stay

    05. 07. 2010 02:46

We need some to protect the beginers started in NF.
Yes to all points.

  • Re : Getting new players in NF to stay

    05. 06. 2010 20:44

I would counter suggest to decrease XP gain for ships who enter GB2 with crew less
than lvl 61 compare to what they can gain in a BLITZ. As the blitz is their best level
playing field and GB2 not.
I have been playing BLITZ for 4 years now. Four years back blitz offered too less XP
gain as compared to what these days it is offering. On the other hand the new and
low level players should also realize that it is the BLITZ which gives you more
CREDIT and it is GB2 which lacks the CREDIT gain when you frequently play it.
I would say that if SDE increases XP in blitz further more it will serve no purpose.
And there will be more players at CL and CA levels who will be begging for credit to
buy their new ships. It is a fact than when you prmote faster in GB2s you have no
CREDIT in your accounts to buy a level ship you have reached earlier than you were
expected to reach.

  • Re : Getting new players in NF to stay

    05. 05. 2010 21:33

Increasing XP gain in blitz will not change anything. You already can gain a level per
battle until level 25-30.

Devildog is right, the game get's too boring without different game modes, and many
people leave the game do to lack of interest. Grinding ot higher levels in a BB/CV/SS is
rather boring. Some of us that remain are only here due to the fact that we either have
interest in this niche type of game, or that we have a strong group of people that we
enjoy playing the game with.

People need to face the fact's. NF is boring to a lot of people. It's an older game from 5
generation's ago based on gaming technology. The graphics are horribly outdated, and
the gameplay is rather weak compared to what is possible with newer technology. Most
younger and newer player's aren't interested in it for these reason's. There's nothing we
can suggest that will change that unfortunately. The only thing SDE can do is to add
additional content, which is why we are getting these newer nation's, and add new game
mode's. I'm certainly they know this already, and have something planned, but haven't
done anything about it yet.

Until they feel the need to update the entire game engine, NF will see a continual loss of
newer, younger player's. Even then if they update the engine and screw over the older
player's they will lose their core base, which mean's they need to switch over the older
player's ship's and item's they have already bought. SDE seem's more likely to let the
game go until there's no interest whatsoever, and then bring out a newer game and
start from scratch. That's the way they make money after all.

  • Re : Getting new players in NF to stay

    05. 05. 2010 20:41

To "the_ren1":
Server: yamato
Time of play: 24/7(am about everyday all day and night .online =D)

To: "nyerkovic"
agreed :)

Thats the reason I said to keep all the hundreds of new players a day from leaving
the game before reaching lvl 12, I propose raising the exp. gain in blitz so that
veteran players starting a new line might play in those room and atracting those
newbies playing with auto.

I know this because when I started my new KM and MN line, I was winning more exp
leeching and losing in a GB then playing in a Blitz game owning the other team. This
is without mentioning the fact that you have to wait 5-20 min for a game in Blitz
while with a dd/cl/ca you can start your leeching in less than 2-3 minutes.

To: "ne3o"
I suggest you eleborate your "agree- and dissageement". Give me some arguments.

Once you reach lvl 30-60 you can start learning manual step by step. I didn't start to
learn manual until the lvl 60 and look at me know, I can twist and turn and while
shooting and changing the angles with ease.

More exp is the solution in this case. You have only two option: piss of the already
angry veteran players by lowering exp. in GB, GB2 or reward the new players who
are just starting off their NF experience.

  • Re : Getting new players in NF to stay

    05. 05. 2010 14:41

"- Increase Blitz game experience point gain and credits.
- Increase Operation Convoy exp. or credit gain.
- Increase Select Mode: DD/Cl war exp or credit gain.
- Disable HH use in Blitz or other game modes without SS."

Defiantly not
I suppose

  • Re : Getting new players in NF to stay

    05. 05. 2010 13:40

ya it dose have a step learn curve when i first got on this game witch was not that
long ago about 3 or so months ago i had my mind blow by how hard it was but i got
the basic but i still cant do manual or aa but im trying to learn

  • Re : Getting new players in NF to stay

    05. 05. 2010 12:55

I thought that everyone knew that nf has the most steep learning curve ever

  • Re : Getting new players in NF to stay

    05. 05. 2010 10:03

in short, you whan't everything boosted so you can get a BB6 in 2 weeks? pff -.-

Blitz is FINE, only thing missing are new players, ther aren't any, cuz ther are close
to 0 ads for this game, 2nd new players QUIT cuz exp whore's like your self whan't
to lvl fast...thus playing in GB2...wich leads to them beeing lvl 30ish..with no points
and no credits...thus they quit...


you play Blitz, you acctually make it true and acctually LEARN something about the
game, and MANUAL AIMING....

solution, more ads and stay in Blitz till 61...

eatherway not recced

more exp is never a solution -.-

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