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  • THE Sub suggestion thread

    05. 15. 2010 03:34

This is to be used only to suggest changes.

There have been many, many, omg MANY Sub suggestion threads and topics, so here is the idea.

You guys all pick some of the concepts, ideas buffs nerfs etc from all the other threads
and add them here.

While you are welcome to discuss why a change would or would not work, keep it to a
logical and clear discussion.

No - "you are only a BB whinner"
No - "You are bias sub driver" in fact any insults will have their post hidden

Make your point - Make it clearly, make it once - anything else will be thermonuked as
will all other sub threads from here on in really.

Tell SDE what you want to see from Subs and sub play with BB play etc for the future

I'll keep checking in and see what you guys have come up with, there is some brilliant
ideas I have read thus far and look forward to them all in one thread and see where it
progresses, hopefully to a positive conclusion where, at least most of the community will
be happy with the changes (if any)

*Ninja Edit
Please no long winded posts, keep it short

  • Re : THE Sub suggestion thread

    06. 08. 2011 20:15

hay idk if anybody suggested this but i think nf should think about a gato class sub for
usn line i mean the gato is one of the most used subs in the usn of ww2

  • Re : THE Sub suggestion thread

    05. 15. 2011 13:28

Yes! subs need a buff and nerf at once.

SS1 and SS2 need major generic buff.

All ss need snorkel that can ONLY be used at 5 knots or less.

All SS need reload CAP at 45 seconds. NO SHORTER

  • Re : THE Sub suggestion thread

    05. 15. 2011 13:09

Please hear our voices! Subs really need to get buffed up!

  • Re : THE Sub suggestion thread

    05. 06. 2011 06:21

Mi idea es la siguiente, una nueva clase de SS IJN:

Algunos sabran que durante la segunda guerra mundial los japoneses tenian
submarinos portaaviones, 죛i!, portaaviones!.
Esos submarinos se llamaban "Sen Toku I-400" y portaban hasta 3 Hidroaviones de
ataque "Aichi M6A1".

Seria una idea fantastica ya que muchos sufrimos por la vision que no nos dan a los

Pueden encontrar la clase del submarino y del avion por google.
(espero comentarios ^^)
My idea is this, a new class of IJN SS:

Some will know that during World War II Japanese submarine aircraft carriers had,
yeah!, aircraft carriers!.
These submarines were called "Sen Toku I-400" and carrying up to 3 Seaplanes
Attack "Aichi M6A1. "

It would be a fantastic idea because many suffer from the vision that we do not
give the submarines.

You can find the class of submarine and aircraft by google.
(I hope comments ^ ^)

  • Re : THE Sub suggestion thread

    04. 21. 2011 01:36

come to my new submarine threads that include tier 5 and 6 subs for UK, US, KM, MN and SN,
as well as special subs for the Japanese. No BB whiner-losers please

  • Re : THE Sub suggestion thread

    04. 07. 2011 09:43


1. Double submarine air time.

2. Quadruple submarine reload times

3. reduce DC range

4. Add large exp and cred bonuses for damaging and killing subs with ASW weapons
(no bonus for guns).

  • Re : THE Sub suggestion thread

    04. 04. 2011 22:00

One quick comment about the players who complain about being unable to kill SS4's. This
has nothing to do with the boat, but everything to do with SD. I worked hard to have an
SD of 800 on a sub and I deserve to be able to withstand one salvo from a BB5. I can't
survive two.

There are a lot of interesting ideas in this forever thread, but its hard to say how it
would impact game play.

I do agree on one point. As a sub player gets higher, he really gets nerfed, in lack of
experience for his crew, lack of ship tree progression, and crew members becoming heavy
for their ships.

You know I take great pride in helping my team win, because so few people play subs well
for the team. Often I can be the second or third highest point player and provide an
invaluable scouting or ASW role. I don't have the luxury of being able to lob shots
across the board or move very fast so if my team is winning, I have limited opportunities
to make impact. Its a shame that someone who works so hard at the game isn't rewarded at
the same level as the other team players.

Give sub players the same experience levels and a ship line for them to go after SS4's.
It is just unfair how the game is currently set up.

  • Re : THE Sub suggestion thread

    03. 22. 2011 18:20

@ mreb

All you have to do is right click somewhere. That could be across the map, or you
could click wherever you are already going, and it will reset that.

  • Re : THE Sub suggestion thread

    03. 22. 2011 18:09

The answer to subs..... get rid of them, it would make the game better.

  • Re : THE Sub suggestion thread

    03. 17. 2011 02:32

Bring back the original exp you got for subs, i dislike just receving just shared exp!

also if anyone has played SN subs on the test server/ in game, you might have
noticed the torps are weaker especially against BB/CV's and not as much splash
damage (from what i can tell)... i think torp damage should be reduced to the
amount SN get, this way it will take more torps to sink Capital ships and have to
play more strategically, and this is for ALL nations!
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