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  • error at startup-- VD: D:\ :5

    06. 02. 2010 15:38

just downloaded game,
went to login screen, said i needed to make account at
(obviously did)
went back to start game, and says:

VC file loading...done
then error pops up- VD: D:\ :5
i click ok and it says: location file creation failed.

please help

  • Re : error at startup-- VD: D:\ :5

    02. 07. 2011 09:50

Thanks for the response, I shall do all that you have said :)

  • Re : error at startup-- VD: D:\ :5

    02. 07. 2011 06:37

Ok, this is a strange error. Sounds like that the game was not installed correctly and
has a difficult time finding the pathway back to the main executable.

Please uninstall, delete all files and folders, empty your trash, reboot and reinstall the
game with a freshly downloaded copy.

Please send in support tickets if this still occurs after this. Sorry that this has happened.

  • Re : error at startup-- VD: D:\ :5

    02. 07. 2011 04:45

I realise this is an ancient post but I didnt see the need to make a new thread, I
have the exact same issue as mentioned above. Just wondering how to resolve this
issue. PS: im trying to re-install NF since hackshield issues and I run WIN7. Thanks in