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  • Alsace

    06. 03. 2010 07:07

Just tried one week, my impression? good damage ( spread is much but i tink is only level
question ) decent speed, but whit bb battle is weak, underaged ( outranged from all bb5
and whit same range of h39! ), and whit too low shell.

  • Re : Alsace

    02. 05. 2011 04:36

ima pure mn and reviewing some and testing ships they got on test server but my main
account is still 33 or 35 level away :D... i test alsace, i like the it yep ammo is the
problem it has a good speed around 40 knots but when i test it with the SN bb5 it get 1 or
2 shot o.O now we're prey to the SN ? -.- but this isn't my question :D

my main question: i do notice that 4 t slot has bigger space than the rest, is there a
combination of aa guns use? like the H44 and H39 that uses km40 on bigger space and 4.1 on
smaller or the S.Y. and yammy that it got 2 different aa guns on 2 slots

  • Re : Alsace

    01. 08. 2011 10:53

I'm starting to play this a lot more and I'm growing into it. The low ammo isn't much
of an issue if you make every shot count. Also I have been able to easily one shot
most SY's i've encountered. With speed and hitting power the range is not so much
of a factor if your enemy is a moron bb player. Alsace is a fun ship and not so tough
of a grind as so people might claim it to be.

  • Re : Alsace

    08. 28. 2010 00:23

On my French only account im 314 (1154 wins 840 losses) games over 500. Games
played right around 2k. Well ok that isnt true i think there is a lvl 55 pca captain still
on there somewhere. But when i started the french on this account it was under
500 win percentage.

Think that speaks for how good the Alsace is since i really started winning once i got
on it.

  • Re : Alsace

    07. 08. 2010 11:03

Low ammo, pretty good aa, descent damage, short range, tied best speed with SY.

  • Re : Alsace

    07. 07. 2010 21:26

DP and Ammo are my only complaints too.

LOVE the speed

  • Re : Alsace

    07. 01. 2010 18:58

Alsace might be the best BB5 imo.

Im doing more damage in it than I do in my L2 on a consistant basis.

The spread is like SY, but more shells, I dont have to hit them all, and it still hits as
hard as a monty.

I havnt run out of ammo once, I dont carry AP though.

Range doesnt seem to be an issue for me really, its not like i cant fight a L2 or SY.

-AA is great, speed is great, damage is great, size is great,
-Spread is not like a monty, but honestly I think the spread is a positive, you always
land shells, and they do uber damage
-Ammo and range, are low

  • Re : Alsace

    06. 28. 2010 16:40

Low ammo, bad range, regular spread, good damage. That's only one perk out of four...

Rich and Alsace would benefit from a range increase. Rich shares Strasbourg range and
Alsace builds up from there.

  • Re : Alsace

    06. 28. 2010 08:41

Finally reached lvl 105 last night and I love this ship with the lvl 105 guns.

There is an ammo problem but for the time being I am a happy person for finally reaching
this grind.

  • Re : Alsace

    06. 27. 2010 19:26

Ammo is a real pain. I have had several games end around 250k dmg because of ammo. I
started running HH in secondary and found out it is quite nice at sinking other ships. So
far several carriers and an H39 have gone down to em. Sux to use em up that way, but ya
gotta do what ya gotta do.


  • Re : Alsace

    06. 15. 2010 02:44

"what are the gunn lvl is it 105 or 103"
lv 105
"so, monty with less ammo and better AA? "
nope :P it is monty + sy but lesser ammo lol
"with top record in this ship 356k attack for me ... the only complaints go to unfair
ammo ... why SDE doesnt give same numbers of ammo as all bb5 ... "
cool, 356k attack. i just broke my record :P 412k attack :)
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