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  • Run Away North

    07. 02. 2010 19:03

And die.

Think this is a suggestion? I posted it there too.

  • Re : Run Away North

    02. 28. 2011 19:47

What's got Rehor all worked up? Oh right! Basing AZ from a bunch of GB2 noobs.
Thats a stupid arguement and pretty much the whole reason I also dropped my AZ
vs MO posts, with few exceptions.

  • Re : Run Away North

    02. 28. 2011 18:26

Thats old Iowa players. The old AZ players dont give up south flank usually and the good
ones dont.

  • Re : Run Away North

    02. 28. 2011 13:27

Old Arizona players seem to think this was the best tactic ever.

  • Re : Run Away North

    07. 10. 2010 09:40

I dunno if getting flanked and subsequently rolled can be considered fun...

And you're totally missing the point.

  • Re : Run Away North

    07. 09. 2010 18:35

Ok, so from now on nobody go north???

Rehor is NF god so lets listen to him. SDE, make the map 10 pixels tall so nobody can
go north or south so rehor can be happy.

I really don't see the point of this post because who really gives a shit about what
other people do in a game...

ITS A GAME... get over it

People are here to have FUN... Most of the posts I see nowadays are complaint
posts and I don't even know why I bother to read the forums anymore.

  • Re : Run Away North

    07. 08. 2010 02:05

C_Ross, I can큧 remember Rehor ever went north with a BB.

  • Re : Run Away North

    07. 08. 2010 00:52

First I'd like to say something about 'running'
its well known and commonly used.. BBs just running away and indeed getting a
relatively huge range-advantage. I got bashed and called noob because I kept
following a H44 (with eaten softdefence) with my fresh L2 and almost got killed. (we
were battling for 5 mins and enemynorth started to crack) I do understand how the
range-advantage works (and if I didn't I'd see it in game) but
people tend to forget that the one winning a battle is not the one getting most
attack... its the one holding the field after battle (ask the germans about jutland)
that H44 shot me in the red when I should have killed him taking only one volley from
it (not a problem for average L2) he got 40k+ attack on me where I only got him for
+/- 20K attack, I know that is a bad rate but while doing that he gave away half of
the map south. Did he do a good job defending then? you selfcentered expjunks will
give credit to the H44 because he got a lot of attack. Teamplayers/funplaysers will
agree that its not a bad thing winning parts of the map even if it means you take
more damage than you do. I know sometimes you have to run (when you are blind
maybe you can run and place counterattack when enemycvs are far behind and
cannot cover their team) but its never a good thing strategically and for sure not if
you get your team surrounded but you still get a lot of attack.

south vs north is totally different battlestyle when you are in bb4/5.
BB5s going north just farming and getting annoyed by 7 other BBs who cross or are
terribly in their way.
South the battle for a slight strategic advantage in positioning goes on between 2-3
BB4/5s of each team. One might indeed get more attack playing north but in my
opinion its more fun playing BBroom-like south.

I always look while the game counts down, when there are already 2 bb5s south, I
go north, if nowone claims position south I go laying there. Its very important that
south BBs are not in eachothers way I believe.

To end I wish to say that a whole team ignoring south or just sending a BB3 is not
good, enemyBBs south realise very fast they can just advance and will smash mid
wich means you are surrounded.. You'd need a real good oldfashioned walkover
north to still win the game.. it takes only 10 seconds falling blind on a bad moment
north to lose half of your bbs so you can't be sure to walkover even if you have a
vast majority (with no space to move) north.

My conclusion: don't always go north with bb5 and go the most easy way, take up
responsibility for your team and go south if needed. Keep in mind that 2 skilled BB5s
with space to move south is better than 3 skilled BB5s being in eachothers way. For
other ships its in general best (not saying you have to do it like that, just my idea)
:Dunks/ fast BB3s with no AA: stay mid, see where enemies are busy and suprise
them, BB1-2: start mid and slowly advance north. BB4: master north or help south.

Sorry for my poor syntax I'm not good at english proza, I'm Belgian and I'm only good
at bullshitting in other languages.


  • Re : Run Away North

    07. 05. 2010 17:06

The range advantage is decently sized; its not quite like the difference between H44 and
monty. Its a superior tactical position to fight from. Its similar to the difference
between defending from across a river, versus defending across an open plain.

The bottom line is yea, you need a good force on both fronts since Ideally you want to
push pretty evenly on both. To do this generally requires most of your BB5 and your Best
CV to go south, since a smart team will weigh their most powerful ships south in the hopes
of taking it quickly. This evens out the lines force.

But losing all of north while taking all of south is a much, much better position that
taking all of north and losing all of south.

Sending 0 BBs north is preferrable to sending 0 BBs south. But the second situation is one
that happens (well not quite 0, but if we`re talking about 1-2 BB34s, I can round down)
quite often, particularly on Bravo. and then, you end up in that inferior tactical
situation. Plus, since in this example, none of the BBs decided to go south, you can bet
pretty surely that you`ve got a bunch of retards. Its a battle that they could not have
won in normal circumstances; with a huge range disadvantage, you can forget it.

Thats why when you abandon the south, you abandon the win.

You can go north in a BB5 as long as you have a decent force south, at least one thay, in
terms of tonnage, can match the other team`s south.

I personally like to play middle. Not being tied down to any flank, but also not
abandoning either.

  • Re : Run Away North

    07. 05. 2010 16:02

i recc that rehor dose this too much

  • Re : Run Away North

    07. 02. 2010 20:37

I personally don't see this bias against people going north as being true in most
instances. I'm not a noob/nub/unskilled player and I go north all the time. Sure, I
understand the slight range disadvantage when firing north-south because of the
way the sprite graphics work, but it really doesn't make that large of a difference if
you are relativly skilled in a ship.

I track my games and winrate based onstarting location. Over the past 357 games
in my Monty, my winrate while starting in the north is 68%, while in the south, it is
55%. And I sometimes run north in my Monty *gasp*.

You never "have" to run anywhere. However, sometimes, regardless of location,
running is a good idea. I'll run in the north. Granted, I won't do it to the extent that
I'm behind my friendly CVs or make other small BBs too vulnerable, but a good run
here or there is a good and necessary thing in my opinion.
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