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Imperial Japanese Navy


  • IJN SS Guide

    07. 18. 2010 21:54

The majority of this post is in the first reply, thus eliminating the long thread on every
page. I will work on updating this post periodically taking in the input from fellow
players. Thanks to all for the input and making this such a great game!

*stickied by lanthanide
Yay me. ROFL. No life whatsoever! ROFL

  • Re : IJN SS Guide

    06. 08. 2011 12:25

well done

  • Re : IJN SS Guide

    06. 08. 2011 12:25

well done

  • Re : IJN SS Guide

    05. 22. 2011 19:19

i am thinking of getting ijn ss

  • Re : IJN SS Guide

    05. 15. 2011 08:33

Good guide, but UK subs do NOT have proximity torps, only KM.

  • Re : IJN SS Guide

    05. 13. 2011 12:55

I use,

1 x bo
1 x torp as SS4 only has front torps
1 x planes
1 x sonar
3 x 3ng
1 x rep or restore, lower lvl or wont fit on ss due to weight

without the 3 engines you will be slow and have to wait a long time to compare in
speeds with other nations.

Hope it helps

  • Re : IJN SS Guide

    05. 12. 2011 21:06

What crew should I run on a SS1 to be ready for higher lvls?

I have:
Gunner (almost unused)


I assume I need 2 torpers for later Subs. Maybe I should drop the gunner, move the 2nd torper
there and add another support?

  • Re : IJN SS Guide

    04. 07. 2011 17:13


  • Re : IJN SS Guide

    04. 07. 2011 14:25

Wow, thanks!

  • Re : IJN SS Guide

    02. 26. 2011 22:22

Thanks Nitro

Haslam -- THAT IS AWESOME! Never seen such a smart setup.
What is your OH speed on surface and in the water?
What is your sonar range?

I have been playing with 2 engy's, repair, and seaman in HEI. In OH I get 33 knots
on the surface and 28 under. Keep OH for something like 20 seconds.

SD is at 700 -- All crewman are high 90's except one engy.
Its a lot of fun to repair faster than many BBs, too.

Have reduced manning on the Seaman and Torpedoman due to weight. Don't like to
reduce it on the BO as it hurts SD more and sub never seems to perform as well.
This might be a figment of my imagination, but like this set up a lot.

  • Re : IJN SS Guide

    01. 31. 2011 12:45

You did such a great job on this guide it helped so much. I've already read and posted
on here but i just read it again, its worth it!
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